Wonderful Wildebeest Giving Birth To Baby In The Wild Video Compilation – Animal Giving Birth

Wonderful Wildebeest Giving Birth To Baby In The Wild Video Compilation – Animal Giving Birth
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BATTLE AT MARULA (Lions vs Buffalo) (HD)

As featured in the Nat Geo Wild series, “Caught in The Act”
Epic battle between a pride of lions and a herd of buffalo. The lions catch a buffalo calf and the buffalo herd returns to rescue the youngster from the lions. The lions do not give up and chase the buffalo, the scene repeats itself in a similar situation to the famous “Battle At Kruger” video (minus the crocodile!).
Possession of the buffalo calf changes hands between the lions and the buffalo herd a number of times, even the lion cubs try to help catch the buffalo calf!
Filmed close to Marula Dam in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve in South Africa
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How To Catch A Wild Pig – Awesome Quick Wild Pig Using Traditional Trap

How To Catch A Wild Pig – Awesome Quick Wild Pig Using Traditional Trap
Published: 2018-07-04 08:09:52
Duration: 8M51S
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When Prey Fights Back | Most Amazing Animal Attack Fails 2016

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Male seahorse giving birth at The Deep Hull

http://www.thedeep.co.uk Filmed at The Deep, Hull, Yorkshire. The world’s only submarium is home to over 3500 fish, including sharks and rays. As you may know, it is the male seahorse that incubates the eggs and then gives birth. This was filmed a while ago in our quarantine when our pair of Custom seized seahorse gave birth. There are many illegally imported seahorses. When they are discovered by Customs and Excise, London Zoo aquarium at ZSL help out by housing and taking care of them. There were so many this time they could not take them all. We were able to help out by taking this mature breeding pair.
Many seahorses are on the IUCN Red list classified as VULNERABLE and have shown population declines of 20% over the last 10 years. Many species haven’t enough information about them to be able to manage their exploitation.
Project Seahorse is an orgainisation that serve as the formal IUCN Redlist authority on seahorses. They also pioneer many different schemes to help reduce these population declines. Using holistic approaches involving local people, communicating with major consumers and developing socio-economic solutions to the threats, Project Seahorse are at the forefront of seahorse conservation. For more information visit www.zsl.org/conservation/regions/asia/project-seahorse/

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Channel: The Deep
Published: 2010-06-21 09:00:32
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Lion vs Maasai, Amboseli National Park, Safari Kenya 2015

Lew zabił krowę Masajow, więc Masajowie chcą zabić lwa! Park Amboseli, 9.02.2015 r. Coż za emocje!
Filmik nagrał Rafał – dziękuję 🙂
狮子,马赛,杀人,打架,非洲,肯尼亚,野生动物园,稀树草原,狮子,斑马,羚羊,豹子,大象,शेर, तेंदुआ, लड़ाई, सफारी, अफ्रीका, केन्या, तंजानिया, मसाई मारा, शेर पुरुष बनाम, लोगों बनाम शेर
Channel: Joanna Słowik
Published: 2015-02-23 19:44:06
Duration: 5M32S
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