Wild West Selfishness | Crystalshade Warrior Cats AU MAP (OPEN 16/16)

I’m really excited for this MAP! I’ve never really put this much effort into a script, and I’ll say that it’s pretty fun to make a script.
Also, I know Twin Sized Mattress is on-going, but it’s nearly done, so I’m just gonna post this anyway.

Everything you need to know is here! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JBy_W3TRMHXkVkPBV0K71oCpCVsaLqh9yjpm6yI2iwk/edit?usp=sharing

Here’s a download for the music! https://www.sendspace.com/file/t4v9nw

This MAP is inspired from Draikinator’s AU, though it’s a little tweaked! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zTV8Trejbk

🐾 = WIP Seen
🐾🐾 = DONE
👑 = Extension

Intro. Mine
1. Open
2. Open
3. Open
4. Open
5. Open
6. Open
7. Open
8. Open
9. Open
10. Open
11. Open
12. Open
13. Open
14. Open
15. Open
16/Outro. Open

Backups (Open)
-Makand CheeseArt

Wanderer【Moth Flight COMPLETE 1 Week PMV MAP】

Ah, this was a fun map about one of my favorite medicine cats, Moth Flight! She’s so unique!! I hope everyone enjoyed her book, Moth Flight’s Vision, as much as I did!! This map is basically her book. I just added a few extra things to spice it up!

Everyone did so well. I am so proud of everyone who participated and finished their part!! Please go give them some love!!

Special thanks to ArtistiCat and Ambrionne! One was a backup, and one had a part in this already, and they finished their parts quickly!!!

Here is the script if anyone is interested in looking at it again!

Here is all of the contest entries for this map that I totally forgot to put in the video. Hope that’s okay! And congratulations to Lincoln P for winning the contest! Everyone’s pieces were so good, it was hard to choose!

4-Icy Night
5-Lincoln P
6-Wolfpup 772 and Pupkui
10-ArtistiCat and Spunkeii
11-Riley Ellis
12-Lincoln P
13-Spunkeii, SleepTightNeko, and ArtistiCat
No 15

Song: Wanderer- Mogli

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His Voice Is So Emotional That Even Simon Started To Cry!

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His Voice Is So Emotional That Even Simon Started To Cry!

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The Valedictorian Speech that will change your life

A speech of a lifetime and life itself comedically written and presented by Valedictorian Carl Aquino, a 2010 graduate from West Hall High School. He humorously relates the four years of high school to a rubix cube with some music in the background.
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Cartoon predicts the future more than 60 years ago. This is amazing insight!

This cartoon predicts the future more than 60 years ago. You won’t see anything like this taught in schools today.

If you like political cartoons with insight, this is one of the best ever made. If you worry this country is losing freedoms by the day, you are not alone. They tried to warn us in this political cartoon 60 years ago. If you love freedom, liberty and want to live and let live, than check out www.freestateproject.org

Dr. Tarrin P. Lupo

I also like Ridley report, 4409, FreeKeene, stefan molyneux

#politics #cartoon #trump

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How to Start a Speech

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