A wild lioness has been observed suckling a leopard cub in Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Conservation Area, in the first ever observed instance of such animal behavior. Although certain cats like lions have been observed taking in and nursing the young of others of their own species—usually kin of their relatives—this sighting of cross-species adoption is unprecedented.

“I have never seen anything like this,” says Luke Hunter, lion expert and president of Panthera, the global wild cat conservation organization.
The photos were taken Tuesday by a guest at Ndutu Lodge in Tanzania. The leopard cub is estimated to be about 3 weeks old, and the lioness is 5; She bears a GPS collar and is monitored for scientific purposes by KopeLion, a Tanzanian conservation organization supported by Panthera. Known as “Nosikitok” in Maasai, the lioness gave birth to a litter of cubs in late June, and so the leopard is about the same age as her own young, Hunter explains.

It’s unknown how the leopard cub ended up with Nosikitok. But the lioness is “awash in maternal hormones,” and likely took the leopard cub to be one of her own, Hunter says. At the time of the photo, the cubs were stashed back at her den site.
What will become of this interspecies adoption? Since it’s an unprecedented sighting, nobody knows for sure. Hunter explains that even for lion cubs, early youth is difficult, and only half of these animals make it to 1 year of age. As lions grow out of being cubs, they go through a transitional period where they are recognized and taken in by the pride. But it seems unlikely that other lions wouldn’t recognize the leopard as being different, Hunter says.

He says he thinks the odds are against it making it to adulthood, but he’s holding out hope. “I’m speculating wildly, but if the cub make it to 12 to 14 months, my guess is that instinct would kick in and that it would go off on its own” and eventually seek out other leopards, Hunter says. He doesn’t think it would stay with the pride and live life as a lion.
As for how the leopard cub ended up with the lion, and whether it’s possible that its mother could take it back—that also is unknown. Hunter says it’s possible that one of the lions killed the leopard’s mother, as lions see leopards as competitors.

For now, though, the lion has taken the leopard to be one of its own, and “we’re excited to see what happens next,” Hunter says.

Lioness helps tigress to raise cubs

Lioness raised by tigress helps tigress to raise cubs. She warns (roars) the tigress when cubs are in danger.

Lyrics of song: Savannah

Savannah born in darkness
Confined by wire cages
Is offered a chance of freedom
By a tigress and her cubs
Freedom calls

And she doesn’t speak the language
But she suckles from her mother
Young lives emerging
Like the flowers in the spring
Emerging lives

And she stands atop the mountain
She roars like rolling thunder
Vibrates like fire
And it echoes down the canyon
I am here

Savannah is a hunter
Fast and strong and deadly
And she runs the prey down
To the waiting, patient tigress

Silent in the shadow
Light and dark are merging
Coiled like a cobra
Explosive in her power
How she has

Speed and strength are merging
Claws are ripping, gripping
Teeth are seeking pressure
And the prey sinks down
It is over

Stands atop the mountain
Roars like rolling thunder
Vibrates like leopard fire
And it echoes down the canyon
I am here

Savannah is an auntie
To tiger cubs emerging
And she carries them so gently
In jaws of strength and power
She carries them

And she guards them in the morning
In the caves at midnight
A guardian and a hunter
A teacher and provider all in one
All in one

Thunder clouds are darkening
Flooded rain like furry
Tigers fleeing, swimming
Running, hurting, injured
Chaos reigns

Savannah darted falling
Seatao kills her swiftly
Sorrow overflowing
And the canyon stands empty
It is empty

No longer stands atop the mountain
Roars like rolling thunder
Savannah is gone
And the canyon stands empty

Lyrics: John Varty

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EXTREME Animals Fight ⇳ Best Moments Wild Animal Attacks Lion , Giraffe , Crocodile

EXTREME Animals Fight ⇳ Best Moments Wild Animal Attacks Lion , Giraffe , Crocodile
Introduction to Snakes
With more then 3,000 species of snakes in the world there is plenty to learn about them. Even though they all have many unique characteristics about them, there are quite a few similarities. Those are what lumps them all into the same type of category of living creature.
They are able to live in a wide spectrum of habitats. They can live in trees or in water. Many live on land and they also can burrow. All snakes are carnivores which means they eat other living things. Not all of them make venom though while people often think that they do. They all feature a tongue that is forked which allows them to pick up scent all around them.
They all have many vertebrae and ribs that they use for movement. This helps them to get around since they don’t have any limbs. They also don’t have external ears or eyelids. They rely on vibration to help them find out what is around them. They also use what vision they have combined with smell to find out about dangers.
Most species of snakes aren’t aggressive at all but they have a terrible reputation about them being out to attack humans. They will usually retreat from any forms of danger that they may detect around them. However, if they start to feel like they are in trouble they will strike in order to protect themselves.
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Buffalo Kill Lion – The Stronger is The Winner

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TİGER KİLLS LEOPARD ►► Real Fight to Death Lion Cheetah, Dog vs Bear Wild Boar Crocodile Wolf Jaguar

abone olmayı unutmayın !!!

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EXTREMELY RARE!!! Fearless Male Lion attacks Buffalo Herd, ALONE!!!

Captured by Anton van Loggerenberg
Manyeleti Reserve,
HoneyGuide’s Mantobeni & Khoka Moya Camps


Send us in your incredible wildlife footage and earn!!

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