Wild Animals That Can’t Be Kept In A Zoo!

Check out these Wild Animals That Can’t Be Kept In A Zoo! From Great White Sharks to Blue whales, this is why some wildlife animals cannot be domesticated and kept in a zoo or aquarium!

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8. Indri
In Madagascar, there is a Lemur species known as the Indri, and all attempts to try and put them into captivity have failed. The Indri is one of the largest species of lemurs and it can weigh between 6-10 kg. They are monogamous and live in small groups and are famous for their black and white coat.

7. Pink Fairy Armadillo
Coming in at 4 inches long, and having a unique shell that is vastly different from other Armadillos, you’d think that the Pink Fairy Armadillo would be easy to catch and keep in captivity, no problem!! But you would be wrong. In fact, over the many attempts to bring this creature into captivity, few survive very long, and several have died just from trying to get from their native country of Argentina to the zoos around the world.

6. Giraffe Weevil
Bugs are very popular at zoos, and getting rare species is always a plus for them to get more visitors, but you shouldn’t expect the Giraffe Weevil to be in them anytime soon. The reason for this is simple. Like the Indri, the Giraffe Weevil is native to Madagascar, and they spend much of their entire lives on a single tree species: The Giraffe Beetle Tree.

5. Saola
In Vietnam and Laos, there is a creature so rare that it has only been scientifically documented in the wild 4 times, and there have only been one or 2 pictures taken of it so don’t be surprised to not see that many images of it in here!! The Saola is known as the Asian Unicorn, and is critically endangered because we honestly don’t know how many of them are out there.

4. Swallows
Swallows are pretty familiar birds, found almost everywhere around the world. They are very unique and are one of the few species of bird that rarely ever land on the ground or in trees. In fact, the only times they aren’t in the air is when they are very young and still in the nest, or sleeping.

3. Blobfish
The Blobfish is actually a very unique specimen when it comes to the world we live in. The Blobfish is a type of deep sea fish that lives off the coast of Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania. They live at depths between 600 and 1,200 m (2,000 and 3,900 ft) which has an incredible amount of pressure.

2. Blue Whale
One of the biggest factors in determining what animals go into a zoo or aquarium is the question of size, and to that end, animals like the Blue Whale will never end up in a zoo or aquarium because they’re just too big. Just like other kinds of whales. Many people argue that Orcas are too big to be kept in captivity as well. Even though they are, it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

1. Great White Shark
One of the most legendary animals on Earth today, you’d think zoos and aquariums would be doing all that they could to get a Great White Shark in within their tanks. Especially since other sharks are a part of various sea exhibits all over the world, even whale sharks which are pretty big. But the fact of the matter is, the Great White Shark is one of the few animals on Earth that can literally not be contained, in the same line as the Blue Whale.

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Animal Odd Couples [Full Documentary] | Wild Things

Biologist Liz Bonnin explores why some of the most bizarre and surprising animals pair up with each other and with us. She scours the globe in search of the most extraordinary and cute animal relationships, investigating why such odd couples sometimes form. From dogs mothering baby tigers and polar bears befriending huskies, to buffaloes bonding with grown men and lions behaving like our brothers.

Liz will discover how oxytocin, the love hormone, plays a vital part in bringing the oddest animals together. The biological need to mother can shake up the natural order to such an extent that we see cats mothering ducklings and deer adopting dogs as their own young. There’s even the rhino and the sheep that love spending time with each other so much that they become ill if they are separated.

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Fantastic poker duel of Daniel Negreanu against Phil Laak

Fantastic poker duel of Daniel Negreanu against Phil Laak in National Heads Up Poker Championship 2011 No Limit Texas Holdem.
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BIGGEST Holes Ever Made By Humans!

Check out the biggest holes ever made by humans! This top 10 list of largest and deepest man made holes has some of the craziest holes you’ll ever see!

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7. Diavik Diamond Mine
This diamond mine, located in Canada’s remote Northwest Territories is actually a pretty recent hole! Work only began on this thing in 2003, and it is one of the world’s preeminent sources of gem diamonds. Since mining operations began, it has produced over 100 million carats of diamonds!!

6. Berkeley Pit
Located in Butte, Montana, this copper mine is now filled with heavily acidic water. Opened in 1955, this mine was used to get copper out of the Earth. Ironically it closed on Earth day in 1982. In the 80’s Berkeley Pit was 1700 feet deep and 900 feet wide. Approximately 320 million tons of ore and over 700 million tons of waste rock were mined from the pit.

5. Mir Mine
This is a diamond mine, and one of the largest excavations in history. This mine in Russia is the 2nd largest man made hole in the world. Located in outside of Mirny, a small town in Eastern Siberia, this place is 1,722 feet (525 meters) deep, and 3,900 feet (1.25 kilometers) across.

4. IceCube Neutrino Observatory
There are many different ways to make holes in the Earth as you know, or will soon learn. But for the University of Wisconsin, they wanted to do a study of the Earth from a different perspective. They decided to go to Antarctica and drill a massive hole into the very ice caps of the Earth to see what’s down there. Thus, the IceCube Neutrino Observatory was made.

3. Kimberley Diamond Mine
Also known as the Big Hole, the Kimberly diamond mine in South Africa, is home to the world’s largest diamond mine! It is so large it is visible by space and has produced some of the world’s largest diamonds.

2. Bingham County Mine
Also known as the Kennecott Copper Mine in Utah, this mine definitely takes the cake. This copper mine has been in use for over a century, and it’s still open to this day. It’s the biggest copper mine in the world and provides about 25% of the country’s copper needs.

1. Kola Superdeep Borehole
Have you ever wondered what’s at the center of the Earth? Fact is, no one really knows which is why the Kola Superdeep Borehole is so important. While the Bingham County Mine may be the largest manmade hole in the world, the Kola Superdeep Borehole is the deepest hole in the world!

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Can a PASSENGER land a PLANE? Presented by CAPTAIN JOE

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Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel. Today´s topic is one of the most ask passenger question, “Can a passenger land a plane?”. There are so many rumours about this question, it´s just not true.

So a few facts. My friend Carolin, has no connection to the aviation world besides from flying to holiday once in a while, obviously as a passenger.
Now as soon as she sat down, the hardest part was establishing a communication between her and me, the ATC controller. Carolin was totally overwhelmed with all the switches and buttons, that it took nearly 20 minutes to find the push to talk button. In a real-life situation, if a plane does not respond within 20 minutes, fighter jets will be on their way intercepting the aeroplane as it causes a potential threat to national security, depending which land you´re flying across.

Once communication was established, I had to give her instructions on how to set up the approach phase for an automatic landing, better known as AUTOLAND procedure. The AUTOLAND allows pilots to perform a fully automated landing in bad visual conditions, known as CAT3 approaches. More about that in future videos.
Once the approach set up was completed, I had to give her instructions to familiarize with important levers and switches, such as the landing gear lever, the flaps, flight control computer and much more.
Later I guided her via radar vectors towards the airport, constantly descending and reducing the speed accordingly.

But see for yourself.

My opinion if a passenger can land a plane. I´ll be honest with you! It´s impossible! We needed three attempts to just establish basic communication and Carolin accidentally brought the aircraft into a stall. Don´t ask how!
And she was pretty nervous, although she knew it was a simulator. Imagine the anxiety in a real plane!?

I know that there are many videos out there where apparently the passenger landed the plane, but all of the passengers had some kind of flying background. And the likelihood of both pilots being incapacitated is very unlikely.

BIG THANK YOU TO TFC KAUFER for making this video possible
such as Lockheed Martin Prepar3D flight simulator, here a few more facts about the used simulation:
Scenery ORBX
A320 Flightsimlabs
Simulator Prepar3D v4.1

I hope you enjoyed this video and where able to learn something from it as well.

Thanks for watching, all the best your “Captain” Joe

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Stellardone – Airglow https://goo.gl/X3SffS

Outro Song:
Joakim Karud & Dyalla – Wish you were here https://goo.gl/kJ9pef

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Camera: http://amzn.to/2nEHPDM
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