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Help Shawn Stop the Jet Train – Learn Numbers at the Train Factory – Part 3

Part 3 of 3 – Use Numbers to Help Shawn Stop the Jet Train
Number Adventure at the Train Factory!

Join the amazing number adventure at the train factory with Shawn and Team where the main character is YOU – the viewer!
After arriving at the factory Shawn will introduce you to the team; inside the factory you will learn to count and build/fix trains at the same time.
Then Shawn will show you the secret Station #5 and you will meet a new prototype train J-1000. It will accidentally get launched and Rusty the Robot will come to the rescue!

Numbers are repeated MANY times, in different scenarios, by different characters, in order and backwards to help your child learn them faster. Numbers are visually displayed as digits and words.


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© 2014, Shawn and Team Series, Episode 4, Part 3.

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Superman Big Truck And Batman Bulldozer – Superheroes Video For Kids

Superman Big Truck And Batman Bulldozer – Superheroes Video For Kids
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Watch as toys come to life! This video targets children, stimulating their imagination with the help of colorful objects. Each episode will help the child develop his or her creativity and logical reasoning.

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Wheels on the Bus Alphabets Rhyme | round and round | Kindergarten | Parents | Preschool Kiddiestv

This a Wheels on the bus rhyme where 4 buses go through mazes and teach you alphabets from A TO Z . See the fun Alphabet mazes and see how buses go through them. Great bus fun for kids and adults. | Homeschool | A TO Z | Alphabets | Kindergarten | Playlist | Parents | Learn english | Learn ABC | Preschool 3D | | Nursery rhymes | Parenting | Kiddiestv
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Los animales de la selva y sus crías se transforman en animales salvajes en aguas equivocadas

Los animales de la selva y sus crias se transforman en animales salvajes en aguas equivocadas

#losanimales #learncolors #learnanimalscolors #animalesdelaselva #funnybunny #monkeygorilla

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Learn Colors with 8 Color Play Doh Modelling Clay and Cookie Molds I Surprise Toys Yowie

Learn Colors with 8 Color Play Doh Modelling Clay and Baby Theme Molds I Surprise Toys Yowie

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