Wild Animals on the South African Garden Route

Landscapes, rich in exotic beauty, glowing red sunsets and wild animals – this is the backdrop to this episode.

The series focuses on committed animal rights activists, who fight for the lives of their charges every day, in diverse protection projects and rescue centres along the South African Garden Route. The majestic “Big 5” (lions, elephants, buffalo, rhinos and leopards) belong to these programmes, as do those in danger of extinction, such as the penguins in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, the lemurs and primates in Monkey-land, Meerkats & Co in the Tenikwa reception camp, as well as the famous great whites off the coast of Mossel Bay. Spectacular footage of how the helpers often have to work under great danger, taking care of animals both large and small and – wherever necessary – give them a new home.

Amazing nature: Natural swimmer

It’s a water world and life couldn’t survive without it. And thanks to it, a mind blowing diversity of creatures thrive beneath the surface. Born to enjoy the riches underwater they must master their body’s adaptations, learn to find food, to escape danger and above all become expert swimmers! Whether it’s in rivers, on beaches or in the deep ocean, all must overcome the obstacles and fulfil their destiny, all are born to swim!
Of all the habitats on earth, the ocean is perhaps the most challenging. Here salt, temperatures, currents and predators can make life difficult; it’s not an obvious place to want to bring up your babies… But even in these waters generation after generation beats the odds. They have overcome the challenges and become some of the most beautiful and graceful of creatures. But any baby born to swim has a lot to learn…
All over the world there are creatures born to swim, and though humans are not, we seem determined to join them. Perhaps we are envious of their grace. Maybe we are all water babies at heart.
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Dukha people – The last reindeer herders in Mongolia

Originally from across the border in what is now Tuva Republic of Russia, the Dukha are one of the last groups of nomadic reindeer herders in the world. As the reindeer populations shrink, only about 40 families continue the tradition in the year 1998.

Dukhas live differently from most other people in the world. The Dukha’s sense of community is structured around the reindeer. The reindeer and the Dukha are dependent on one another. Some Dukha say that if the reindeer disappear, so too will their culture. The reindeer are domesticated and belong to the household. In many ways they are treated like family members and shown respect. The community’s chores and activities are centered around the care and feeding of their reindeer.[7] Dukha communities on the taiga are usually a group of tents of two to seven households that move camp to find optimum grazing for the reindeer. Herding tasks are shared amongst the camp with children at a young age learning to care for the reindeer and keeping them safe. The girls and younger women do the milking and make yogurt, cheese, and milk tea. Young men and women and elders help with herding. A few of the men stay with the reindeer in the winter months, living in the open air with their herds to protect them from wolves and other predators. The men also make and repair their hunting tools and reindeer saddles and carts. Since they rarely kill a reindeer, they supplement their diet of reindeer milk products by hunting wild animals from the forest.

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Great American Scenic Railroads – California Western – 3804

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Redwood forests, the Pacific coastline, the Sierra Nevada Range, and infamous Donner’s Pass – this is a once-in-a-lifetime whistle stop tour of the California Western Railroad. Take a short-line railroad excursion through the rugged coastal mountain range of northern California. Ride in the cab and tender of a restored steam engine through stands of fabled redwood. Keep a sharp eye out from a high-rail vehicle running ahead of diesel trains, classic Skunk rail-cars, and a steam powered Skunk passenger train. This is one thrilling run down rail beds where history was made – and where it still lives on – thanks to the careful and faithful restoration and maintenance of the California Western.

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Russia’s rough Norwegian sea coast

Murmansk, the metropolis on the Barents Sea, is anything but Russia’s cold north. There’s always something going on here, for example the Olympic Polar Games. Ice surfing and ice swimming, reindeer racing, the first atom ice breaker in the history of the world, a corner shop in ice and snow, endearing village school lessons and the singing Norwegian Sea Fleet – arctic lifestyle far away, north of the polar circle.
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Japanese Food – GRILLED FRESHWATER EEL Kyoto Japan

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