When dogs come face to face with wild animals part 2!!!

Dog vs wild animals. in this video you’ll see Kangal vs lion, kangal vs tiger, kangal vs bear, kangal vs wolf , tibetan mastiff vs bear, tibetan mastiff vs leopard, dogo argentino vs wolf etc.

Dog breeds that will protect you from wild animals!!!

In this video we have added the dog breeds that will protect the owners against wild animals. The dogs such as Dogo Argentino, Pitbull, Tibetan mastiff, Kangal, Caucasian Shepherd, Bully Kutta, Rottweiler etc.

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Giant dogs of the world part 3!!!

Large dog breeds – Giant dogs of the world – Biggest dogs of the world
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5 Monster Attacks That Happened in Real Life.

The public loves terror, and the industry doesn’t stop producing because of it. Stories and their monsters are repeated over and over in books and movies. However, what if, beyond the fun, you find out that some of those characters you enjoy so much, are real and fearsome, and have already made terrifying attacks in real life.
Get ready, because this time, we will review those monster attacks that, believe it or not, happened in real life.

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Kangal VS Wolf test 2018

kangal is tested with a real wolf if he is a real livestock guard dog.

kangal coban kopeği vs kurt
Алабай против волка
Кангал против волка

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Brave dog takes on a polar bear more than twice its size!!!

A brave dog fights off a polar bear in Russia. The bear entered into the dogs territory and the dog gave it a tough time. Eventually the bear, who is considerably larger than the dog, was forced to make a retreat and trudge away into the distance from the fiery animal.
Credit: Facebook user Christopher Miller, who is reportedly an electrical worker, captured the video and shared it on Facebook.

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