Waco Pineapple Visits the Animal Shelter – Be a Waco Ambassador!

What IS with the pineapple? The Waco Pineapple is a symbol for our program about hospitality and kindness to visitors that come to our town. We decided that we could be good ambassadors to animals too! The Animal Shelter at 2032 Circle Road gets visitors from out of town frequently (it’s not far from Magnolia Table restaurant). We thought, why not pay the animals a visit and spread some awareness and kindness as well? We encourage you to stand tall, be sweet, wear a crown and love Waco (and its furry residents).

To be a good ambassador to animals whether you’re a Wacoan or a visitor, see available pets for adoption at: http://www.humanesocietycentraltexas.org.

Hailey’s Cookin’ Show #1 (A Production of The City of Waco)

5 year old Hailey shows us her recipe for chocolate chip popovers.
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Nations of the World – With Lyrics – Animaniacs

Yakko Warner from the TV show Animaniacs singing a song to help you learn the Nations of the World.

I loved watching this show when I was a kid and I loved this song, but I always wished I had the lyrics so I decided to do a video and add them on. I hope you like it!

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