Video of moment kidnapped woman slipped note to vet clinic worker

New video has emerged, showing the moment an abused woman slipped a note to a veterinary clinic worker, saying her boyfriend was threatening her and to call the police.

The incident happened back in May, when 28-year-old Caroline Reichle and her boyfriend Jeremy Floyd visited the DeLand, Florida animal hospital with their dog.

The video shows the woman, who’s face is obscured to protect her identity, walking up to woman who appears to be a secretary, and hands her a note, reading: ‘Call the cops. My boyfriend is threatening me. He has a gun. Please don’t let him know.’
She then walks away as the secretary reads the note and then hands it to a co-worker to look over as well.

The video then picks up at the moment cops entered the exam room and took Floyd, 39, into custody.

Since the note indicated he had a gun on him, they quickly took it away, and then arrested him with his hands behind his back.

The video ends with Floyd being led out of the room.
eichle was allegedly beaten for days before the dramatic arrest.

Floyd has been charged with aggravated assault with a firearm, false imprisonment, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of ammunition by a convicted felon, and simple battery.
He allegedly wouldn’t let Reichle leave their home for two days straight.
He beat her all of Wednesday and pointed a gun at her, according to the Orlando Sentinel. 

At one point during the fight they both struggled for the gun and two shots were fired. 
Both of the bullets hit a wall and no one was injured by the gunfire. 
The woman spent all of Thursday in bed with a head injury from the beating, according to police.
On Friday she managed to convince Floyd to allow her to take their dog to the vet.  
Floyd insisted on escorting the woman to the hospital and brought a loaded handgun, police said.  
During their drive to the hospital Floyd pointed the gun at her once again and threatened to kill her and her family, according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office. 
After her boyfriend was arrested, Reichle was treated at the hospital for a black eye, head injury, and bruised arm.

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The FULL interview with Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus – BBC Newsnight

Kidnapped for 10 years, chained, raped and half starved: Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus tell Kirsty Wark the story of their kidnap and abuse at the hands of Ariel Castro in Cleveland. This is their first UK TV interview.
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Jessica’s Story – A Journey through Childbirth and Intensive Care Unit

Jessica Rae Rudland’s journey through Childbirth, Coma, Sepsis and an Intensive Care Unit. Jessica suffered Hypoxic Anoxic Brain Injury. Start Video after Cardiac Arrest in ICU: 3:26 #Childbirth

Start Video when she woke up: 4:10

FB Page ♥
GoFundMe ♥
Petition ♥
Twitter ♥
Website ♥

Recommendations proposed by The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust relating to Jessica’s Serious Incident. ♥

During Jessica’s illness, we kept written and audio/video diaries every day and sent SMS messages to Jessica. These are excerpts from a video diary kept over 29 days and are being shared with Jessica’s express permission.

Life inside an Intensive Care Unit is one big roller coaster, full of highs and lows, surprises and complete despair. Outside and in life over the past two years, we’ve seen our share of both. Our beautiful daughter Jessica continues to make progress and we continue to fight for answers from the Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust. Jessica now lives with her parents full time and as we all move forward we are still reminded of the wave of support out there and the overwhelming kindness afforded to us by friends family and complete strangers.

I have kept a record of everything and everyone who made contact for Jessica to read in time. We are also very grateful to the Clinicians who kept Jessica alive with life-saving support and ongoing care throughout her stay in the Intensive Care Unit.

I never dreamed so many would read Jessica’s FB Page, apart from her friends and our family. I was desperately searching for answers throughout this time and received some incredible support which we are all extremely grateful for. Who’d of thought that social media would be so therapeutic and empathetic.

We’ve all been through so much not least Jessica and Lewin and I’m sure all of the followers of the “Dad’s Diary” will remember the desperate wait for Jessica to wake up from her Coma 23 days into ICU.

With Jessica’s express permission I have compiled clips from my video diary which will be ongoing and segmented into chapters as Jessica recovers and Lewin grows. We will title this ‘Jessica’s Story’ Jessica’s Story – A Journey through Childbirth and Intensive Care Unit.

I am hoping this video may help promote a specific escalation process (worldwide) that I feel should be in place for pregnant and recently-pregnant patients presenting as an emergency. In the USA, Canada and other countries it may be called ED? In the UK, it’s called Accident & Emergency.

lf your local emergency department already has such an escalation process in place, this should be reviewed against a sample of other hospitals’ policies and procedures. From a review of the clinical notes in Jessica’s case, the treating doctors appeared to have zero index of suspicion as to why a new mother had presented with a tachyarrhythmia at a heart rate of 170+ and shortness of breath. She also had an elevated pulsating right neck vein and persistent cough. She arrived at 11:48 pm on a Sunday evening.

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