Video for KIDS | BRUDER TOY CAT telehandler feeds horses with bale | FARMING

BRUDER CATerpillar telehandler had a job for today! It has to collect the trailer full of bale and then goes to feed the horses with it! Will he done it? Watch and find out! :o)
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BRUDER RC tractor TROUBLE! Toys action | Video for kids

Bruder toys tractor John Deere in trouble! It has just stuck in the mud and needs some help to get out of there! Enjoy!

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Fun Pretend Play Professions for Kids Story in the Children’s museum

Fun Pretend Play Professions for Kids Story in the Children’s museum.
Great Indoor Play Area with lots of Children Activities and fun kids toys! Diana’s family had fun playing with learning toys and pretend food. Great Indoor Play Center for family fun learning experiences for children! Fun Kids Video for children who loves learning and playing with toys at the same time!

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John Deere 9620RX — 04055 — Bruder Spielwaren

Weil die Anforderungen an moderne Agrarbetriebe immer groszer werden, ist es heute wichtiger denn je, die Leistungsfahigkeit Ihrer Maschinen zu steigern. Mit dem 9620RX stellt John Deere den bis dato starksten und groszten Raupentraktor vor. Mit einer Motorleistung von bis zu 670 PS und seinen vier Raupenlaufwerken, die ihm sagenhafte Zugkraft bei gleichzeitig bestmoglicher Bodenschonung bescheren, ist er der perfekter Partner, wenn es darum geht, schwerste Zugarbeiten mit Anbaugeraten wie Grubber, Pflug und Sah-Kombination zu meistern. Dieser imposante Traktor ist nun auch im Maszstab 1:16 in einzigartiger Detailtreue, neu bei BRUDER im Sortiment. Wie das Original, besitzt das Modell einen neu entwickelten Raupenantrieb, sowie die gelandegangige Knicklenkung. Die Fahrerkabine besitzt eine Ture zum Offnen und auch die imposante Motorhaube lasst sich aufklappen und zeigt den riesigen Motor. An die Anhangekupplung mit hohenverstellbarem Hubwerk konnen zahlreiche Anhangegerate aus dem landwirtschaftlichen Sortiment von BRUDER angebracht werden.

John Deere 9620 RX

As demands to modern farms are ever increasing, it is more than important nowadays to boost your machine’s output. The 9620RX is John Deere’s most powerful and largest crawler drive tractor. Thanks to an engine output of up to 670 hp and its four crawler drives, providing it with stunning tractive power and simultaneously the best possible protection for the soil, this vehicle is the perfect partner when heavy-duty pulling using attachments, such as grubber, plough and sewing combinations, are required. This impressive tractor with a unique attention to detail is now also available in the BRUDER range at a scale of 1:16. Just like the real thing, the model features the recently developed crawler drive as well as the off-road articulated steering. The cab features one opening door and the impressive bonnet can also be folded upwards to showcase the massive engine. Numerous attachments from BRUDER’s agricultural range are suitable for the tow coupling with height-adjustable lifting gear.

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Trains for kids – Choo Choo Train – Kids Videos for Kids – Trains – Toy Factory – Cartoon Train

Trains for kids – Choo Choo Train – Kids Videos for Kids – Trains – Toy Factory – Cartoon Train
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Epic RC Trucks and Machines in Action!

Awesome realistic R/C Trucks, Machines and more work hard. Enjoy watching!
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