Veterinarian Ashfield | Veterinary Clinic in Ashfield New South Wales

Veterinarian Ashfield. Are you looking for a veterinarian expert in Ashfield, New South Wales?

Our animal clinic is one of the best in the Ashfield area and its neighbourhood areas. We provide huge range of veterinary services, which include surgery, x-ray, consultancy, vaccinations, flee and tick treatment, heart worm etc.

Our experienced veterinarians will make sure that your pet is comfortable while at out clinic. We strive to give you the best service for your money. Please don’t hesitate to visit our website and call us through our contact details. We will promptly get back to you as soon as we could.
Near to or within Ashfield, or in the area? We can serve you. What are the core vaccines for dogs? Covering post code areas 2131 and 1800. What shots do I need to get my kitten or dog? We try to answer all your questions.

Pet meds without vet prescription? Well, t5here are options we can offer. We re among the Veterinarian clinics in New South Wales that comply with the best vet practices. Come and talk to us in person as well.

Visiting Carlton Vet Surgery for a surgery or procedure

Bringing your pet in for an anaesthetic for a surgery or procedure can be a stressful time. That’s why we have prepared this short video on what you need to know prior to visiting our surgery including specific instructions for your pet as well as what happens behind the scenes in a veterinary clinic.

For more information about us visit

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I Love My Job: Veterinarian

In this week’s I Love My Job, we talked to Dr. Laura Williams, who is a veterinarian, and she tells us why she loves her job.
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What You Need to Know About Paying for Veterinary School

The average amount of debt for a student graduating from vet school is $135,000. The American Veterinary Medical Association has tools and tips to help you manage your debt while pursing your dream of becoming a veterinary professional. Find the AVMA Personal Financial Planning Tool and other resources at
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ICU nurse vs. ER nurse

Any likeness to real life people, situations, or scenarios are unintentional, and purely coincidental.
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Veterinary Technician and Assistant Training: Handling and Restraining Dogs

Free Veterinary CE Courses at:

Animal Care Technologies is the industry leader in veterinary training products. ACT Online Staff Training allows personalized training to be delivered to individual staff members wherever and whenever it is convenient. ACT offers online staff training courses for both small animal specialty clinics as well as large animal practices. For more information on training material please call 800-357-3182.

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