Uttarakhand villagers hunt 125-kg endangered fish, 5 arrested

In a shocking incident, locals of Almora village in Uttarakhand caught and ate a 125-kg endangered fish, called the giant devil catfish. A video has emerged of the incident in which the fish can be seen tied to a pole while it is still alive. The giant devil catfish is categorized as near threatened species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

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गांव वालों की मिली 150 किलो की मछली, पूरे गांव पर दर्ज हुआ केस| Found 125-Kg Rare Giant Fish|

गांव वालों की मिली 150 किलो की मछली, पूरे गांव पर दर्ज हुआ केस| Found 125-Kg Rare Giant Fish|

It’s certainly not easy to contain your excitement when you get hold of a fish as big as this! Dubbed as the ‘big aquatic catch’, this giant fish caught by the villagers of Enolo village in Uttarakhand’s Almora district was the talk of the entire area on Monday. It’s a shark… It’s a whale… It’s a catfish, weighing an estimated 125kg and caught illegally in the Ramganga river near Corbett national park in Uttarakhand. But the freshwater monster, probably the biggest catfish ever found in Himalayan rivers, became dinner before it could be weighed on a certified scale and measured. Wildlife officials came to know of Monday’s catch after watching videos and photos of the fish tethered to a bamboo pole with a thick plastic rope and hauled by two men on their shoulders in Almora district’s Manila village. That’s heavier than the ubiquitous 100cc motorcycles in India and almost twice the average weight of its species: Himalayan catfishes of the Asian genus, bagarius bagrius, which grow up to 70 kilos.
It was a feast for the eyes as villagers took selfies and videos of the giant and uploaded them on social media. These were shared extensively and soon enough reached the cell phones of wildlife enthusiasts, experts and officials. Close-ups of the fish’s large, bony head with moustache-like barbells more than a foot long show it gasping for air and wriggling. Another clip shows a villager trying to poke his fingers into its nostrils.
Amusement over, the fish went to the saucer. But based on the videos, four people were charged with unauthorised fishing in the river. They are said to be on the run. It couldn’t be established how the powerful beast was captured as it is known to attack humans in water.

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