Truth About CLIMATE CHANGE & Endangered Species | Here is the SOLUTION

This message resulted in the most respondents to Jesus Christ in our church. This clip represents 1/2 the message called “The Truth About Climate Change & Endangered Species” … how to absolutely solve these problems (full story – 1 DVD) Share it with as many people as possible :

The Truth About Abortion (1 DVD):

The Truth About Money (2 CDs):

The 2 Trees – Life vs the Knowledge of Good & Evil:

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Ivanka TRUMP First Female President? | Timing of RAPTURE & Events That Will Soon Happen

This is an introduction from a new teaching answering an important question: WHO GETS RAPTURED? (and who will get left behind?) Get the full DVD to share with others or to keep in case of an internet shut down:

The biased Media and Leftist activists were “surprised” by the victory of Trump. They are in for BIGGER surprises! It is likely that Trump will be a 2-term President and his children will be groomed as leaders of a political dynasty. This would position IVANKA TRUMP as the first female President of the United States. N.B. This video is not about politics, but the sequence of prophetic events that will soon happen. The Rapture is explained in detail:

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Have you heard The 58 CODE?

22 Future Events of Revelation (4 DVDs). Please study carefully as this video clip went through many future events in summary only:

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5 Ways the World Has CHANGED since DONALD TRUMP | Can LIBERTY Exist without Religion?

Pastor Steve Cioccolanti is declaring the start of global revival. This teaching begins an important series on Good Government called “Is America a Christian Nation?” available at

To understand the immigration problem & global terror threat, watch these videos on WW3:

The 58 CODE:

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GLOBALISM in Prophecy: What GOD Thinks About Brexit

Can you be a Bible believer and a globalist? Was Brexit a defeat or victory? What does God think about globalism? How does Brexit relate to the Anti-Christ & Second Coming?

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The Truth about 2 STATE Solution Israel-Palestine | PARIS | REV 12 End Time Sign Vindicated!

One of our most important viral videos! Obama slapped Israel in the face on his way out of office. It happened on the dot at Hanukkah/ Christmas season/ the conception of the Revelation 12 Woman in the Sky Sign. Pastor Steve Cioccolanti explains the so-called 2 state solution like you’ve never heard before!

In Australia, our politicians used the holidays to table an anti-homeschooling piece of legislation. 2 useful links for our prayer and action:

This 24 minute clip from full teaching on DVD called “Anti-Christ Technology”:

“Who Gets Raptured?” is Pastor Steve’s definitive answer to often asked questions: “Will everyone get raptured?” and “will anyone get left behind?” – 1 hour DVD:

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10 Countries Guaranteed to be in WW3 | Is TRUMP the Way to ARMAGEDDON?

This 1 hour video is completely free. If you like this video and would like to see more distributed for free, please support the work of this ministry. Thank you!

If World War III started today, what happens next? Would America “win” WW3? Which nations would be involved? Who wants war more – Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? How many people could be killed? How exactly did we arrive at the point of imminent nuclear disaster?

New “World War 3” DVDs (6-hour series)

“A Woman Rides the Beast” – Feminism & Globalism (DVD):

FEMINISM series (3 DVDs):

FATHERING (4th DVD of Feminism):

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