Treasures from green sand! Thomas the Tank Engine & cute dolls & insects and cockroaches, spiders

A cute doll is looking for treasure. Many treasures come out of the green sand. There were a lot of Thomas’ toys of Thomas the Tank Engine series. There were other insect toys, spider toys, cockroach toys, too. What is in the sand?

Kinetic Sand | The World’s STRONGEST ENGINE #126 – Thomas and Friends for Children

This Youtube video episode is about Kinetic Sand Trains The World’s STRONGEST ENGINE #126 – Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends for Children

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Surprise Clay Egg Disney Toy, Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear,Alien, Woody, Kinder Joy Eggs

Today, it is a fun movie where various cute figures come out from the clay of four colors. It is a member of Toy Story of Disnye. Woody, buzz light year, aliens etc. I love clay educational toys and Disney. It is a video that children can enjoy.
Clay toys are interesting just by touching them.
There are eggs of Kinder surprise. What kind of toy comes out from inside?
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Strawberry storage kitchen box toy, vegetable cut educational toy, TayoBus & MELL doll

It is a strawberry kitchen toy. This educational toy is a house with a very cute strawberry pattern. I can store various things. A real kitchen-like toy is interesting. There is also a TAYO toy behind. I cut fruits and cut vegetables and played. It seems to be happy to cut Japanese MELL dolls with vegetables and fruits with toys knives.
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Published: 2017-06-09 23:38:16
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Thomas and Friends Toys Kinetic Sand Learn Colors Educational Video for Children

This Youtube video episode is about Thomas and Friends Toys Kinetic Sand Learn Colors Educational Video for Children

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THE WORLD’S STRONGEST Engine 270: KINETIC SAND Thomas and Friends

World’s Strongest Engine 270 requested by Student Brady Kujala

Welcome back to the Trainground. This is the world’s strongest engine competition number 270, KINETIC SAND Edition. May the strongest train win!

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World’s Highest Engine Jump

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