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From the online claw game Toreba

Toreba Crane Game online UFO catcher Gudetama cushion! | The Crane Couple

The Crane Couple tackles Toreba Crane Game, the online UFO catcher in order to win a large Gudetama cushion! But it isn’t as easy as it looks…

Toreba is a game where you play claw machines and UFO catchers in Japan from your phone or computer and win real prizes! Interested in learning more about Toreba, the online Japanese UFO catcher game? Check out our tutorial here:


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Toreba Unboxing! Winning Prizes From The Online Crane Machine!

We received a special package in the mail today! Toreba prizes!!!! So we are doing a Toreba unboxing video! Toreba is an online crane machine game where you can control crane skill games that are in Japan! These are our first ever wins of Toreba … so we thought we’d share it with you!

Don’t forget to check out our other arcade videos! We have our first Niagara Falls video coming out tomorrow!

Once we reach 1000 subscribers we will be doing our first live-stream on Youtube! The live-stream will contain Q&A, live Toreba plays, and us revealing all the prizes we have won from our arcade adventures thus far! So keep on the lookout for details 🙂

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How To Win: Toreba Rilakkuma XL Plush

Hey Guys!

Here’s how I won the Rilakkuma XL plush on Toreba.

Download the mobile app for 5 free play tickets. My invitation code is ETDU9CUH.

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Crane Game Toreba Prize Unboxing 2!

Lets have fun unboxing Toreba prizes together~♥
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HUGE Crane Game Toreba Prize Unboxing!

My biggest Toreba prize unboxing yet! What prizes will be inside? Watch and find out~

Care to see more Toreba videos from me? Consider buying me a coffee! –

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