top seven dogs you should have as pets
here are some of amaxing dogs you can have as a companion or for work.

1 The Beagle is a scented breed of small hound tand hat makes a good companion for hunting and as a pet.
this dog is intelligentgent and can easily be trained as a detection dog.

2 The Bulldog, is a muscular, incusitive dog with a wrinkled face and a distinctive looking nose.
This dog can be trained as a security dog

3The German Shepherd
This type of dog can grow into many sizes and research shows that it originated from Germany.
This dog is called German Shepherd Dog in the English language and Alsatian in Great Britain and Ireland.
History has it that these dogs serve as working dogs and originally trained for herding sheep.
they are intelligent, obedient and can easily be trained, for many types of work such as disability assistance,
aiding police and groups in a rescure search, camping and military purposes.

4the Labrador Retriever, or just Labrador, is a type of retriever-gun dog.
Theses dogs are popular in Canada,UK and the US.
Labradors can also be trained to aid the blind, police or military and sporting and hunting.

the Maltese , is a small breed of dog which descended from the Central Mediterranean Area.
The breed name and origins are generally understood to derive from the Mediterranean island nation of Malta.

6The Poodle is divided into three size varieties, namely toy poodle, Miniature Poodle and Standard Poodle,
its origin is still debatable,and cant be confirmed whether they descended from
Germany or from the French Barbet.
they are skillful in many dog sports and activities this breed of dogs is also intelligent, obedient, and can track herds.

7The Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog breed primarily for catching rats in
clothing mills in ancient times.the serve as good companion do and can be trained for serveral purposes.
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Top 10 Worst Dog Breeds for First Time Owners – Amazing Facts

Top 10 Worst Dog Breeds for First Time Owners – Amazing Facts
Dogs make wonderful pets, but dog owners know they are far more than just pets. Unfortunately, if you don’t find a dog that fits your lifestyle you may not end up being very happy, especially if you’re a first time dog owner. Be sure to steer clear of the worst dog breeds for first time owners.
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top 10 Smartest Dogs in the world

sorry : numbre 1 shetland sheepdog

top 10 Smartest Dogs in the world

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Lion Sees His Adoptive Dad After 7 Years – Truly Heart-warming

Lion Sees His Adopted Dad After 7 Years!

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Hello! Welcome to Lion Sees His Adopted Dad After 7 Years! In this video you will see a Top 5 of Animals seeing their owners in a long time. Some animals going missing in their lifetime, this means they are away from their owners for a period of time. Well, in this video you will see clips of animals ranging from lions, cats and dogs all seeing their original owner after a period time. In this video you will see a crazy clip of a man who sees his pet lion after 7 years of being separated. It is truly heart warming!

1. Cats Meet Their Owner After Long Time
2. Dog hasn’t seen his owner in over a month
3. Dog going crazy when he see his owner after 3 years
4. Woman adopted 2 lion cubs but had to give them up – Here’s what happened visiting them 7 years later
5. Lion Sees His Adoptive Father After 7 Years!!!


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7 Biggest Snakes Ever Found

From the Gigantic TITANOBOA that dwarfs the largest anaconda found today, and it has the size and character to challenge T-Rex to the 200 feet long anaconda, Here are 7 Biggest Snakes Ever Found In The History .

Music : Kevin MacLeod (
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Dog Whisperer: Trainer Walks Pack Of Dogs Without A Leash

Dog Whisperer: Trainer Walks Pack Of Dogs Without A Leash
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MEET leader of the pack Augusto Deoliveira, who can walk huge groups of unleashed German Shepherd dogs obediently at his heels. The magical dog trainer, 23, is a web sensation and turns heads wherever he goes – at the head of huge packs of dogs. Augusto lives in Hyannis, USA, but grew up surrounded by dogs on a farm in Brazil where he discovered he could lead groups of dogs with training. Now he’s wowing Americans as he walks through their towns and cities showing off the amazing feat. Augusto lives, breathes and sleeps with dogs as the head of his firm Griffin Shepherd Kennels. At the training kneels where he lives, he claims to be able to guide up to 15 free-walking dogs at the same time.

Videographer / Director: Laurentiu Garofeanu
Producer: Liam Miller
Editor: Ian Phillips / Sonia Estal

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