Top 10 Supposedly Extinct Animals Caught On Camera

Some creatures might be considered as endangered or extinct animals, but the reality is that some have been caught on camera. Here, you will be amazed at our top 10 most amazing seemingly endangered or extinct animals and species caught on camera.
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Featuring the rare extinct animals of… Dryococelus – For upwards of 80 years, this oversized stick insect avoided human eyes. Commonly known as the Lord Howe Island stick insect, it was previously assumed to having been last spotted in 1920, but in 1960, it was deemed extinct.
Coelacanth – This incredible dino-fish was originally thought to have vanished with its prehistoric brethren some 65 million years ago, but it made a miraculous recovery in 1938 when a South African museum curator stumbled upon the fish while trawling off the east coast of his home country. La Palma Giant Lizard – Within the past 500 years, it was believed the oversized lacertid of the island of La Palma had gone extinct, all signs of its species vanishing entirely for nearly half a century. Tasmanian Tiger – The striped Tasmanian tiger was declared extinct in 1986 after a survey of the continent failed to make any confirmed discoveries, but there are those that still believe the Australian marsupial, which was allegedly hunted into extinction, still exists. Honshu Wolf – During an 18th century epidemic of rabies, a large population of this Japanese wolf was killed off. By 1905, the last specimen was reportedly sighted at Higashi-Yoshino village. Javan Tiger – In 1994, the Indonesian tiger subspecies the Javan Tiger was deemed extinct, the last recorded sighting occurring as far back as 1976; but as you’ve probably gathered from this video so far of great beasts, what is deemed extinct not always is. Bathochordaeus Charon – This is a type of mysterious ocean blob that had not been seen in over a century. It was discovered by scientists last year, in 2016, and shed light on an unusual animal that, after centuries of searching, many feared extinct, if it had even existed in the first place. Wooly Flying Squirrel – The giant woolly flying squirrel resides in the Pakistani Kashmir and is one of the rarest and most endangered squirrels in the world. It had not been seen by westerners since 1924, and was believed to be extinct before it was rediscovered in the summer of 1994 by an American zoologist working in a remote valley of Kashmir in the far north of Pakistan. Baiji – Once located on China’s Yangtze River, the Baiji dolphin was an abundant species that is believed to have dwindled due to the Three Gorges Dam construction and the traffic that developed because of it. In 2006, the species was declared extinct with one of the last of the species dying in captivity in 2002. Omuras Whale – This is widely considered the rarest whale in the world. Its such a unique species in fact that for decades those who encountered it simply thought it was a strange kind of miniature Blue Whale instead, measuring 40-foot or 12 meters long.


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Featuring… Chemical laden Glasswear – My favourite way to start the day is with a cup of coffee… anytime is good for coffee really, so it’s a wonderful perk when Hotel rooms have a coffee maker and some mugs or glasses just waiting to be used. Dealing with death – Death is inevitable. It’s just a fact of live; especially in the hotel industry. With such a high turnover rate on rooms, someone is bound to pass for one reason or another. What’s odd though is that you rarely see or hear about these events occurring at Hotels . Direct Discounts – The internet is awash with discount sites that pitch you the best prices in the best places. Sadly this isn’t always as honest as it could be. Don’t be so hasty – While you may want to book your room as earlier as possible before everyone else gets there first; you might be hurting your wallet more than you need to! As I said in the previous example – Hotels want to book as many rooms as possible to maximise their profits. -Search High and Low – As you’ve probably experienced, getting ready for checkout time, and leaving the hotel can often be more hectic than arriving! Other people have the same rushes and issues too; and due to that they often leave behind some very interesting things in their rooms. Tip the gatekeeper! – All rooms are the same… Is probably the BIGGEST LIE in the Industry! Some have bigger bathrooms some have bigger TV’s, or larger room space. Only one person knows that though. That’s the Front Desk Clerk. When you’re checking in; no matter how long your flight was, no matter how rough a day you’ve had; make sure you treat this person with all the pleasure you can muster! A nice 20 never hurts things either. A Golden Key – Have you ever noticed a hotel concierge with golden keys on their lapels? This isn’t some quaint adornment; it actually represents something quite unique. This is the person you need to see for literally anything you need or want, so long as it’s legal. They’re members of an Order of Concierge’s that span the globe. – Not so safe and sound – Gone are the days of metal Keys! People can cut new ones or just make off with them, meaning locks need to be replaced. So we’ve moved on to key cards! What a great and novel idea; less costly, easily replaceable and with technology we can secure rooms easier by giving keys a time limit! Let’s Go for a Joyride – Valet parking is available at many hotels, and you may want to take advantage of it yourself! Why not; you are treating yourself… right? – Kick back relax and have a snack – Minibars… love them or hate them; there they are. Little pre-packaged snack and beverages for your consumption… at ridiculous prices sure; but sometimes you just want to have a quick snack. However, before indulging, note these few things first…
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10 Most Recently Discovered Bizarre Animals

10 Bizarre and weird Animals and Unblievable Creatures which are discovered recently on earth.Subscribe To Our Channel :

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Vampire Flying Frog

This recently discovered animal is a just one of over 1,000 new species recently discovered in the Mekong region of Vietnam by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). It may look like an ordinary frog in the picture above, but it carries its name because it has a pair of vampire-like fangs in its mouth when its a tadpole.
The Vampire Flying Frog can’t actually fly and it doesn’t suck blood, but it can glide through the forest canopy using its webbed toes.

Microhyla nepenthicola

This “pea-sized” frog was discovered in Borneo in 2010. When scientists first spotted it in a pitcher plant (a type of carnivorous plant), they originally thought it was a baby. They soon realized that even the largest males of this tiny species barely grow to 1/2 inch in length. Its now believed to be the smallest frog outside of the Americas.

Leaf Deer

The leaf deer was first discovered in 1997 by biologist Alan Rabinowitz. Although this might look like a baby, its actually an adult leaf deer. Leaf deer are the world’s smallest dear and live in Myanmar. They’re approximately 2.5 feet in height and weigh around 25 lbs. The leaf deer got its name because local hunters could wrap the deer’s body in a large leaf.

Crystal Frog

For many years, scientists were unable to explore the ecologically rich jungle on the border of Peru and Ecuador due to a violent armed conflict. When they did finally have the opportunity to explore the area in 2009, they found a rich ecosystem bustling with yet-to-be discovered species.

Ugly Salamander

When this little salamander was first discovered, it was known only as the ugly salamander. So far the name has stuck. Is this little guy ugly, or is just reminiscient of a tiny little E.T.? You be the judge.

Pliosaurus Funkei

The Pliosaurus was discovered in 2006 when scientists in Svalbard, Norway unearthed 2 massive fossilized skeletons of the extinct marine giant. At the time, it was only known as Predator X. According to paleontologist Patrick Druckenmiller, “They had teeth that would have made a T. rex whimper”.

Harp Sponge

This beautiful, plantlike creature looks more like an elegant candelabra or a harp than a fierce carnivore. But make no mistake about it, this meat-eating sponge discovered in 2000 feeds by letting the ocean currents draw helpless crustaceans into their tentacles.
This carnivorous sponge was named the “Harp Sponge” because it looks a lot like a harp placed on its side. It was discovered almost 2 miles under the ocean surface off the coast of Monterey Bay in California, by scientists from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI).

Ice Fish

The Ice Fish, or Chaenocephalus aceratus, is aptly named. They live in the icy depths of the Southern Ocean by Antarctica. These fish have a type of natural anti-freeze flowing through their veins rather than red blood cells.

Sea Pigs

The sea pig looks like a set of cow udders floating around in water. While they may appear alien and unfamiliar to the average person, they’re actually one of the most common creatures in the ocean depths surrounding Antarctica.

. Phallostethus Cuulong

This recently discovered fish was found in Vietnam. It tops our list as the most weird creature found in recent years thanks one prominent feature – it has a penis on its head.
Yes, this unfortunate (or fortunate, depending on how you look at it) little fish has a penis hanging beneath its chin. To make things more complicated, the penis has a jagged hook used to grab onto females during coitus.

The technical name for the penis on the male fish’s head is priapium. In addition to the penis and jagged hooks, it also houses the fish’s anus. Interestingly, the female’s genital opening is also located in on her head, under the throat.

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