Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Despite conservation efforts across the globe, saving Mother Nature can sometimes be an uphill battle. The more we industrialized the world, the more damage we do to the natural world and the harder it gets to save certain species from mass extinction. Though not for a lack of effort on the part of preservationists, the animals contained in this Archive are ten of the most recent animals that have been declared as extinct.

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10. Caribbean Monk Sea
9. Saudi Gazelle
8. Alaotra Grebe
7. Navassa Rhinoceros Iguana
6. West African Black Rhino
5. Japanese River Otter
4. Formosan Clouded Leopard
3. Eastern Cougar
2. Bramble Cay melomys
1. Rabb’s Fringe-Limbed Tree Frog

For information on how you can help the endangered species of today, visit the Endangered Species Coalition at

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10 Events That Almost Triggered WORLD WAR 3

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! It seems that the military powers of the world are constantly on edge, their fingers hovering over the proverbial button that threatens to engulf the globe in war. Since the end of the second World War, these following ten events over the last 70-plus years are believed to have brought us to the cusp of World War III.

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10. The Yeonpyeong Attacks
9. The Korean War
8. The Yom Kippur War
7. The NORAD Computer Error
6. Soviet False Alarm
5. Able Archer 83
4. September 11th, 2001
3. Norwegian Rocket Incident (Black Brant Scare)
2. The Cuban Missile Crisis
1. The Soviet B-59


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Top 10 Most EVIL Experiments On MAN

Hey YouTube, Jim Here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Whether during times of war or as a means of discovery, researchers and scientists have often turned to using their fellow man as lab rats in grotesque experiments. We’ve explored the cruelty of people in prior Archives and we’re diving even deeper with the ten most evil experiments performed on other humans.

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10. Milgram Shock Experiment
9. Stanford Prison Experiment
8. Project MKUltra
7. The Guatemalan Experiments
6. The Aversion Project
5. Cancer Treatment Experiments
4. The Twins of World War II
3. North Korean Experiments
2. Dr. Shiro Ishii and Unit 731
1. Nazi War Experiments

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10 Terrifying Animals You’re Glad Are Extinct

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10 Rare Endangered Species Soon To Be Extinct

top 10 amazing animals and creatures on the verge of extinction
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In this video we will explore 10 allegedly extinct creatures, which continue to be spotted, and could very well be still alive…

We let you know beforehand about investigative endeavors to breath life into wiped out creatures back. On the other hand, things being what they are the “terminated” characterization isn’t generally clear. Wiped out creatures continue being seen. Here are a portion of the more dependable sightings.

Woolly Mammoth

The Internet was swirling (most likely for whole hours) over a video of a hold on for a fish in its mouth that discovered its approach to YouTube. Tabloids (typically) pondered “Consider the possibility that woollies are still around?” But there hasn’t been a locating for around 100 years; in the twentieth century, as such. That appears to be odd considering the woolly vanished 4,000 years go.Yet, in 1920, a Frenchman recounted a phenomenal story of seeing what surely seems like a mammoth in Siberia:”It was an enormous elephant with huge white tusks that were exceptionally bent. Its hair was a dull chestnut shading similarly as I could see. It had genuinely long hair on the rump, however it appeared to be shorter in the front. I must say, I had no clue there were such enormous elephants! A second brute was around . . . it was by all accounts at any rate as large as the first.”As late as 1948, solidified mammoths were found with meat still new. That is not precisely strong proof, but rather given the tremendous wild of Siberia, it isn’t not feasible. Sometimes, unsubstantiated reports will stream out of the range, specifying “elephant-like” animals. Not precisely an affirmation, but rather it’s really difficult to mix up an elephant for a moose, so perhaps there’s something to it?

8 Tasmanian Tiger Thylacine

Tasmanian tigers were chased for being a danger to domesticated animals. Loss of natural surroundings didn’t help much—pilgrims will do that to creatures. The thylacine formally ceased to exist in 1936. Notwithstanding, reported sightings are genuinely normal, to the extent wiped out creatures go. They’ve been seen in Tasmania and terrain Australia, albeit none of the sightings are experimentally affirmed. You’ll be upbeat to realize that a couple of the sightings were by calm people:”In 1979, there was a quite reported report of a Tasmanian tiger by fencing laborers at Lang mid one morning. This is one of only a handful few daytime reports, it was seen by a few individuals and—critically—they hadn’t been drinking.”There are just about twelve more sightings. Some portion of the perplexity is that a hefty portion of these sightings originate from terrain Australia, where the species have been wiped out following the 1800’s. Furthermore, there’s some fascinating footage out there too. You can make the contention that what you find in the video is a canine with a limp, however there are those persuaded it’s a Tasmanian tiger.

Yangtze River Dolphin

The baiji were dolphins discovered only in the Yangtze River. These dolphins were once abundant, yet have been destined by the development of the Three Gorges Dam and the expanded pontoon activity. The baiji were pronounced wiped out in 2006. In any case, then one was detected an insignificant year later. A group of researchers, drove by researcher Wang Ding, affirmed the locating. That is certain news for the survival of the species. Lamentably, there’s just been that solitary locating. A monstrous campaign of more than 3,540 kilometers (2,200 mi) did not yield any further sightings. Be that as it may, the Yangtze is fairly long, so there’s dependably a chance that a couple baiji can at present be found.

Japanese Wolf

There are really two sorts of the Japanese wolf: the Honshu wolf and the Hokkaido wolf. The Japanese wolf met its destruction similarly that numerous different creatures did—on account of an American, for being a vermin to domesticated animals. A man named Edwin Dun, procured by the Japanese, dropped a little strychnine and enormously encouraged their destruction. The Honshu ceased to exist in 1905 and the Hokkaido in 1889.Despite being dead, a Japanese wolf figured out how to turn up in 1910. Also, the 1930’s. What’s more, once more, in the 1950’s. If that wasn’t sufficient, there have likewise been sightings in the 1990’s. One hypothesis is that the creatures seen—and heard crying—are really a wolf-canine half and half. That is surely conceivable, yet would they say they are a reproducing populace? On the other hand is it more probable that the Japanese wolf is without a doubt as yet wandering the Japanese countryside?

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