Tiger VS Lion VS Jaguar Which Is The Strongest Wild Cat

Tiger ,lion and jaguar are 3 largest ,and heaviest living wild cats in the World. But which of the is the really strongest wild cat ?

Only by analysis all of the power and weapons , can we showing the strongest predator of all wild cats.

Siberian tiger is the largest and heaviest wild cat , however it is slowest in 3 largest cats. Tiger weapons are also largest and most powerful among 3 biggest wild cat . So ,it easily to state that : Siberian tiger is the Strongest wild cat .

African lion as fast as the jaguar , their weapons are at the same size . However , lion is much larger than jaguar and it is much stronger .
So lion is the second strongest wild cat in the world .

Jaguar is only the third strongest wild cat in the World , however it is the strongest wild cat at the same size and weight in compare to the other big cat species .

Bengal Tiger VS Barbary Lion Who Would Win A Fight

Barbary lion is the largest existing lion but they was extinct in the Wild . These lions are very large, built very muscles and solid . Barbary lion is extremely large in compare to the common African lion , with the males weigh between 270-300 kgs . The largest barbary lion can reach up to 3,25 m in total length.

Bengal tiger is slightly smaller in average size. However their weapons (claws and fangs) are larger and stronger .Bengal tiger also much faster their competitor.

Bengal tiger and Barbary lion are great competitors and I don’t know which of them would be the winner . This is a very balance fight .

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African Leopard VS Cougar VS Indian Leopard Which Is The Strongest Predator

Indian Leopard is 1 in 3 deadliest Wild cats in the History . Over 11,909 peoples were killed by these Leopards only in India, Nepal Banglades . However, this is not the strongest species of leopard in the world .

At least 2 Leopard species showing in this video are stronger than Indian Leopard : Cougar and African Leopard .

I think, the reson making Indian leopard is they live too close to human , In fact Indian leopard is not only smallest but also slowest and has weakest weapons ( claws and fangs) .
Our analysis number showing that the Cougar is the strongest predator among 3 species of Leopard , their weapons are largest and strongest . Cougar is extremely powerful , they are built very solid and muscles , Cougar is really much stronger than African and Indian leopard .

African leopard is not powerful as Cougar but they are the fastest . It is really stronger than Indian leopard ( much faster, stronger jaw, larger claws ).

Cougar is the strongest predator , the second is African leopard . Indian leopard is the weakest predator but it is the most dangerous leopard species in the World.

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African Lion VS Asiatic Lion Who Is Really Stronger

African Lion and Asiatic Lion are the only 2 lion species existing on Earth. As their name say, African Lion lives in the Africa ,while Asiatic Lion lives in Asia (mainly in India).

African Lion VS Asiatic Lion is a good Idea for a wildlife battle? I think that would be unbalance fight .In fact, African Lion is much larger and heavier than the Asiatic Lion . African Lion also built more solid and muscles than Asiatic Lion, it is much faster and has stronger jaw .

In total view,African Lion is so strong to compare with Asiatic Lion and would be the winner in every fight with its brothers !!!

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LION vs TIGER: Battle Of The Big Cats – BBC Earth Unplugged

We visited the Wildlife Heritage Foundation in Kent which is home to some of the most endangered big cats in the world. Using enrichment techniques developed by the big cat keeper, we looked at the cats agility, intelligence and strength before crowning a winner.

We’d like to thank the WHF for their great work. You can find out more about the work they do to help big cats here http://www.visitkent.co.uk/attractions/big-cat-sanctuary/217289

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Big cats are huge,fast ,beautiful and…extremely dangerous. The most terrifying man eating beasts in history are Big Cats . Tiger ,Lion and Leopard are most dangerous big cats and also are the dealiest man eating monsters during history .

Despite of their medium size , leopard is one of most terrifying man eater in history with over 11,909 peoples were killed by them only in India,Nepal ,Banglades . There were series killer leopards who responsible for the death ofhundred peoples . Almost killer leopards are males . Very few killer leopards became the man-eater ,but they would prey on human later .

Lion is the second deadliest man eating wild cat in the history . Every year, they cause 550-700 attacks on human and kill about 250 peoples . Killer lions were one of most horrifying man eating during history . A pride of 15 lions ever killed up to 1500 peoples in Tanzania .!!!

The deadliest man eating wild cat in history is the tiger . The largest wild cat killed over 373 000 peoples . A single tiger ever killer up to 430 peoples in India .

Huge ,fast ,beautiful and deadly …are man eating wild cats !!!!!

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