The Battle Cats Hack – [2018 UPDATED] Get free CatFood and XP!! [Non-Rooted] Still working!!

Hey guys, I found a Battle Cats Hack recently, and thought i’d share it with those of you that’re still struggling with Catfood and XP. This Battle Cats hack recognizes if your device has the game or not, so it’s very simple to get started, also, it’s a non-rooted hack, so you don’t have to fiddle around with the settings on your phone, just go to the Battle Cats hack website and follow the steps.

Thanks for watching and have a great day 🙂

The Battle Cats – Atrocious Deco

Kugel remake, but with more enemy types. Pretty much spam whales to take out the Berserkory, then use Bombercat to perma-freeze the Razorback and start building your Dragon/Macho Legs stack. Other than that the stage pretty much plays itself after that. Just make sure not to reach Cat Limit so fast. Ramen is for the Boraphim, and Thaumaturge is for the Bun Bun/Boraphim.

C. Cat 30
C. Tank 30
Eraser +48
Ramen 30+8
Thaumaturge 30+9
Dragon +50
Macho Legs +50
C. Fish 35

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Battle Cats – How to Get Lots of Free Cat Food!!

YouTube took down my last two videos for violence claims I have no idea why.
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The Battle Cats Hack 😱💯 How To Hack The Battle Cats 😱💯 hack apk and ios

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Battle cats glitches

Recorded by DU Recorder – Screen recorder for Android
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The Battle Cats – This is the Way I Hack Cat Tickets!

Song: Vanze – Survive (ft. Neon Dreams) [NCS Release]
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