The Animal Shelf – The Mystery of the Pictures

The toys who belong to Timothy figure out how photos are made.

Recorded from the CITV Telly Tots VHS.

Bedtime Stories – Bedtime Story

Mole is tired and gets ready for bed. Only…..he seems to have trouble finding his bed!
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Will Quack Quack – Honey

Will Quack Quack’s mum is making a cake, and she sends Will to Mr. Puw’s shop to buy some honey to go with it. Of course, Will has his friend Ifan go escort him there. When they get to try the honey, it tastes so good, but when a swarm of angry bees come flying over, Will and Ifan run for their dear lives until they trip up and break the jar of honey! Of course, Will’s dad Hwmffra picks up Will and Ifan and takes them inside the farm house and gives them a good telling off. Will never did get to have some more honey, but we always can’t get what we want, can we?

I do not own Will Quack Quack. S4C does.

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Mister Maker – Series 1, Episode 1

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Mister Maker is the ultimate interactive arts and crafts show for younger kids

Set in a magical studio made of oversized arts and crafts materials, Mister Maker combines live action, graphics and a variety of animation techniques to bring the world of art to life in a modern, fresh and ground-breaking way.

Mister Maker himself is an engaging character who acts as a catalyst for all the big ideas and brilliant arty techniques within the show and encourages the audience to have a go themselves. And with the help of a magic table-top and his doodledrawers, he shows just how it’s done.

Kids will learn a host of exciting and innovative Make and Do techniques — such as how to paint with the edge of a cardboard box, make a dog out of an egg-box, use rubbish to make a 3D painting and a multitude of other techniques.

And then ‘The Shapes’ come on to do their dance and present their shape puzzle. How many triangles are hidden in the picture of the pyramid? What picture are the animated circles going to make?

This unique and innovative show will inspire kids everywhere to have a go at art.

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Bananas in Pyjamas – Banana Rescue

The Teddies are having a pillow fight when they suddenly feel worn out. When they open the door, the knob breaks off! It’s up to B1 and B1 to save the teddies!

Bananas in Pyjamas is owned by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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Hilltop Hospital – Earache at Hilltop S04E04 HD | Cartoon for kids

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Watch your favorite pre-school cartoon in Mini TV. Louie, 64 Zoo Lane, Mouk, Hilltop Hospital, Pablo the little red Fox, Ethelbert, Archibald the Koala, Lazy Lucy, Jasper the pengouin and much more to come …

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Hilltop Hospital is a pre-school medical soap-opera with more bounce than a baby bunny. It’s a hit with under-five doctors and nurses everywhere, because Hilltop is a hospital run for animals by animals. The dedicated staff ought to fight like cats and dogs but they pull together to cope with the heart-rending and the hilarious. It’s all in a day’s work at Hilltop!

The series was developed to help reassure children about hospitals, illnesses and accidents. To ensure such subjects are handled with the utmost care and sensitivity, Great Ormond Street Hospital (London) was approached to provide expert guidance. Sometimes sad, sometimes happy, Hilltop is always hugely entertaining. More importantly it tells stories from a child’s perspective and aims to improve their understanding of situations which may concern them.

Hilltop Hospital is based on the books written by the critically aclaimed author, Nicholas Allan, who has a gift for tackling serious subjects in a gentle and comic way. It was first aired on CITV, where it was a huge ratings success.

*** Earache at Hilltop ***
Eustacia the mouse needs grommets in her ears.

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