Good Dinosaur Plays With Forest Animals For Kids At The Zoo | Learn Zoo Animals

Good Dinosaur Plays With Forest Animals For Kids At The Zoo | Learn Zoo Animals

Learn Wild Animals , Sea Animals , Farm Animals – Learn Animals Names Education Toys for kids

Learn Wild Animals , Sea Animals , Farm Animals – Learn Animals Names Education Toys for kids
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Groovy The Martian DINOSAUR toy love Full episodes! Cartoon for kids & Nursery Rhymes

Phoebe plays with dinosaur toys and Groovy falls in love too!

Meet Groovy and his friends – Groovy is a Martian that comes from a far away land and loves Broccoli!

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‘Groovy the Martian’ is an animated hit tv show for toddlers and older kids. Babies also love this show as the color and sounds help them explore and discover a world of adventures. Groovy can transform into anything himself or his friend Phoebe want – fidget spinners, dinosaurs, pets, animals, cars, trucks… anything you can think of! All our episodes have an educational core to them so that your kids can learn about things like shapes, numbers and colors. If you like shows like Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, Morphle, Car City, Tayo, Pocoyo or Ben and Holly’s little kingdom then you will love the fun loving times you will enjoy with Groovy the Martian and his friends. Please subscribe to our channel. We upload a new Groovy episode every week!

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Learn Colors with 5 Colors Dinosaurs for Kids. Learning names and sounds dinosaur toys video

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Learn Colors with 5 Colors Dinosaurs for Kids. Learning names and sounds dinosaur toys video | Ani King

#jurassic #dinosaur #toy #toys #dinosaurs
#t-rex #forkids

おもちゃ, 玩具, đồ chơi, игрушка, ของเล่น, juguete, mainan, Anak-anak, dinosaurus, dinosaurus mainan, Khủng long, Khủng long Đồ chơi,Dinossauro,jouets,Toy

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Glitter Rainbow Fish Coloring, Drawing 🌈🐠 Learn Colors for Kids, Toddlers | Magic Fingers Art

Hello guys! Welcome to Magic Fingers Art. Enjoy glitter rainbow fish coloring and drawing for kids and for toddlers 🌈🐠
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In this video I’m going to draw a rainbow fish. First, I’m drawing its body. It has a big eye and a mouth. This is a rainbow fish! I’m painting the fish with rainbow colors. Pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red… This rainbow fish is so cute! Look how it looks around! Fish looks like a rainbow! And now it’s glitter time! Rainbow fish is going to be so shiny. Wow! Shiny rainbow fish looks wonderful! Now I’m drawing the sea. Rainbow fish wants to swim. Look at those colors! Let’s swim with the rainbow fish! Goodbye lovely rainbow fish… 🌈🐠

We made coloring pages with lots of fun and magic for kids. Learn colors for kids, for children and for toddlers.

Magic Fingers Art channel is completely safe for kids, for toddlers and for babies. Only contains educational content in videos.

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Magic Fingers Art ♡

Copyright Magic Fingers Art © 2019. All rights reserved.

#forkids #easydrawing #kidsenglish #learncolors #glitter

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Dinosaur Egg Toys Eggs Transform to Dinosaur 恐龍變形蛋玩具 劍齒虎 猛瑪象 三角龍 劍龍 ワイルドエッグ

#dinosaur#恐龍#dinosaur#eggtoys Dinosaur Egg Toys Eggs Transform to Dinosaur 恐龍變形蛋玩具 劍齒虎 猛瑪象 三角龍 劍龍 ワイルドエッグ
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Animal care and selling silage | Animals on The Old Stream Farm | Farming Simulator 19 | Episode 10

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The Old Stream Farm:

Savegame and mods:


0:11 – 3:25 DayFox – Departure
3:26 – 6:00 Nekzlo – Thinking About You
6:01 – 9:07 LiQWYD – Explore
9:08 – 11:21 MBB – Good Vibes
11:22 – 13:54 MBB – Feel Good
13:55 – 14:57 LiQWYD – Feel

Renovating farm and new equipment | Animals on Felsbrunn | Farming Simulator 19 | Episode 39

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Survivor Stories, Episode 9: Combine harvester amputates leg

* Please note this video contains a small amount of language that some people may find offensive

Contractor Anthony Flanagan was working on a combine harvester when he made a mistake that would change his life forever. In this video he describes the events of that day and offers his advice to anyone working with farm machinery.

Find out more about how to protect yourself when working with farm machinery here:

Channel: farmaccidents
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So you want to be a farmer the big price tag equipment to operate

In this video we talk about what it takes to become a farmer equipment with the big price tag how do you justify it will it work for your operation don’t forget about the payments that come in the mailbox do you have a plan as always leave your comments suggestions and keep farming it’s a lifestyle but you must run it as a business otherwise you’ll be looking for a new job very important to be diverse in today’s farming economy.
Channel: The Farming Life
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Amazing Modern Agriculture Machine Tractor in Action – Latest Technology Agriculture Farm Equipment

Amazing Modern Agriculture Machine Tractor in Action – Latest Technology Agriculture Farm Equipment Machinery
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Channel: Machinery Channel
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Harvesting barley and poplar, selling wood chips | FS 19 | Bettingen Farm | Timelapse #55

Welcome to the Bettingen Farm Timelapse. Our barley is ready to harvest, let’s head our combine to the field. We carry the harvest of barley to our chickens. Let’s pick up the straw and deliver to the production of TМR. Our poplar is ready to harvest. Let’s hook up the header for chopping poplar and head our forage harvester to the field.

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Minecraft Survival Time-lapse #8 "Animals"

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***Texture Pack = Dokucraft Light 32x 1.13

Minecraft NOOB vs. PRO: PRISON SECRET ESCAPE in Minecraft!

In today’s video the Noob and Pro get caught yet again and try to escape PRISON in SECRET!
Minecraft NOOB vs. PRO: STEVE ARMY vs. ALEX ARMY in Minecraft!
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Minecraft NOOB vs. PRO: NUKE CHALLENGE! in Minecraft!

Minecraft NOOB vs. PRO vs HACKER: SECRET HOUSE in Minecraft!

Minecraft NOOB vs. PRO vs HACKER: PRISON ESCAPE in Minecraft!

Minecraft NOOB vs. PRO: LIFE in Minecraft!

Minecraft NOOB vs. PRO: FLYING HOUSE in Minecraft!

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Monster School : Robbery Villager – Minecraft Animation

In this lesson monster school monsters will Robbery a bank of Villager in minecraft

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Monster School : Robbery Villager – Minecraft Animation
Monster School : HELLO CATS challenge – Minecraft Animation

Music by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

#minecraft #animation #monsterschool #monster_school_minecraft #minecraft_monster_school

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A Nerf War meets Call of Duty: Gun Game but with Nerf Super Soakers or water guns! First player to go through all 20 weapons wins the battle!

Behind the Scenes!
The Blasters for Super Soaker Gun Game!
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#1 Shotgun Noobs
#2 Real Life LLama
#3 Infinity Gauntlet
#4 Shopping Carts Battle

Campaign 2.0
Rival Gun Game
Non Nerf Gun Game
Gun Game 8.0
Nerf meets PUBG:
Gun Game 7.0:
Modded Mayhem Gun Game:
Gun Game 6.0:

Team Deathmatch:
Free For All:
Gun Game 1.0:
Gun Game 2.0:
Gun Game 3.0:
Gun Game 4.0:
Gun Game 5.0:
One in The Chamber:
Zombies 2.0:
Star Wars:
Sticks and Stones:

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Aaron 🙂

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10 Ways to Fail at SkyBlock (Minecraft Machinima)

Don’t you hate when everything here happens?


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TheStringyGuy (

MUSIC: Kevin MacLeod (
Easy Lemon
Radio Martini
Fenster’s Explanation
Hammock Fight
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Amazing Plan
Hidden Agenda

TEXTURE PACK: Faithful 32×32×32-pack-updatectm-support-15/

Download SkyBlock here:

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250,000 Dominoes – The Incredible Science Machine: GAME ON!

250,000 Dominoes were toppled at Zeal Credit Union’s Incredible Science Machine: Game On! This event features 3 new US domino records: largest domino field, largest domino structure, and largest overall domino project in America. 19 builders from 5 countries spent 7 days (over 1,200 combined hours) building the Incredible Science Machine. Watch our past ISM events! ► Behind the Scenes! ►

This games themed domino setup was designed by professional domino/chain reaction artists Steve Price & Lily Hevesh. We organize and design custom domino projects for live events, commercials, and TV shows. Contact us at and for business inquiries or if you would like to sponsor our next event.

Thanks to our sponsors for making this event possible:
● Zeal Credit Union:
● Smarter Every Day:
● K’nex:
● Trix Track:

● US Domino Field Record (12,450 dominoes)
● US Domino Structure Record (12,780 dominoes)
● US Domino Record (245,732 dominoes)

Steve Price – Sprice Machines –
Lily Hevesh – Hevesh5 –
Lyle Broughton – jackofallspades98 –
Nathan Heck – SuperMarMarMan1 –
Joel Yantha – TheInvention11 –
Alex Huang – Flashdomino –
Mark Robbins – DoodleChaos –
Brady Dolan – BPDoles –
Chase Blanchette – TheRGMGuy01 –
Hayden Russell – Dynamic Domino –
Evan Voeltner – E VoltageRGMs –
Marcel Purrer – Austrian Domino Art –
Tim Dunsmore – DrComplicated –
Alexandra Benz – DominoERDMANN –
Michael Fantauzzo – StickTrickDominoDude –
Sascha Wilzewski – DominoFan0803 –
Joseph Naberhaus – jdman1699 –
Joel Dahler – Smileypeacefun –
Chris Wright – xXDominoMasterXx –

🎵 MUSIC: Avenza – “Game On” –

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Hungry cats eat food on the bench

Hungry cats eat food on the bench.

How to rescue kittens with a feral mom

Feral cats may not want to be near you, but they’re still great moms for their babies! This video shows how you can give feral cats a safe space to raise their young. While the kittens can be socialized and adopted, a feral adult cat cannot be socialized and does not want to be indoors. The safest and best place for them is outdoors – after they have been spayed and vaccinated.

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First few songs are by d3tails:
Last song is “Hushed” by Lanterns (licensed)

Take a trap, neuter, return (TNR) class:
Kitten and mom trapping scenarios:
Fostering feral cats safely:

Channel: Flatbush Cats
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EPIC LAUGH Funniest Scared Cat Home 2018 Compilation Funny cat Videos.


if you love cats so much this video is for you. Watch this cute and funny moment of cat and kittens filling joy in their house. This video is full pf cats and kittens. but will not fill your hunger of cats videos. because cat’s love is infinite

Channel: Pets Arena
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Stoners Try Not To Eat Challenge – Stoner Movie Food | People Vs. Food

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Stoners Try Not To Eat Challenge – Stoner Movie Food | People Vs. Food

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Street Food in Brazil – RIO DE JANEIRO Brazilian Food + Attractions in Rio, Brazil!

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Street Food in Brazil – Rio de Janeiro! #Brazil #RioDeJaneiro #BrazilianFood #streetfood

Ever since I first learned about the city of Rio de Janeiro when I was a kid growing up, I have wanted to visit. Finally, the time has come. In this Brazilian street food tour in Rio de Janeiro, we’ll go to eat some of the best street food snacks and dishes, some hole in the wall style Brazilian food restaurants, and also visit some of the most unbelievable and gorgeous sights and attractions in Rio de Janeiro. It’s one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever visited.

Here’s the Brazilian food and things we did:

Mineiro, Sausage Sandwich – 5 BRL ($1.26) – For Brazilian breakfast we headed to Mineiro for his neighborhood grilled sausage sandwich, topped with his house made aioli dressing, cheese, and lettuce, and his own home-made chili sauce. He’s not only an amazing guy, but his sausage sandwich is outstanding. When you’re in Rio de Janeiro, you don’t want to miss it. Located just outside Siqueira Campos MRT Metro station (Map:, sets up in the morning about 7 am.

Trem do Corcovado – 65 BRL ($16.44) – Christ the Redeemer – I pre-bought tickets online for the tram, so when we arrived we just picked up and printed the tickets. The tram took about 20 minutes and Christ The Redeemer at the top was breathtaking.

Selaron Steps – Another attraction in Rio de Janeiro that I wasn’t going to miss was the Selaron Steps, created by Chilean artist Selaron. They are so cool and so iconic.

Lunch at Bar Rex – For some seriously meaty Brazilian food, Bar Rex is the spot. They serve an major selection of drinks, but they also specialize in food like roasted chicken, sausages, and the oxtail. The food was outstanding, and the owners are just so cool. Location:

Ipanema Beach – World famous, one of the most well known beaches in the world, and for a good reason – the scenery is spectacular. We had a tea with Marcelo (5 BRL ($1.26) and then tried some of the Brazilian local favorite comfort Biscoito Globo cassava snacks. Finally, another iconic Brazilian drink is the caipirinha (15 BRL ($3.79) made on the beach.

Copacabana Beach – Next up on this Brazilian street food and attractions tour we stopped at the famous Copacabana Beach and had a coconut (6.50 BRL ($1.64) and continued on the Red Beach in Urca to get a good view of Sugarloaf Mountain (Pão de Acucar).

Bar Urca – Also in Urca, you’ll find Bar Urca, an old food and bar establishment that’s famous for serving empada de camarão (6.50 BRL ($1.64), shrimp filled pastries. Many people order and then sit on the edge of the water in the evening. Location:

Bar Gato de Botas – A Brazilian boteco is a bar and restaurant that serves small plates of food similar to tapas. The owner of Bar Gato de Botas is a legend and his plates of Brazilian food are delicious. Location:

Brazilian meat kebabs – Finally to end this incredible street food tour of Rio de Janeiro, we returned back to the same spot where we had breakfast, but in the evening, a different yet equally friendly man sets up selling Brazilian meat kebas and home cooked Brazilian food. When you order a kebab, you can get it stopped with cassava powder and drenched in hot sauce – it was so good. Location: Sets up in the evening about 6 pm.

Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful city and this Brazilian street food tour and attraction in Rio was amazing – the food, the people, the scenery.

Huge thank you to Guilherme Camocardi and Rafa Ribs from Rio4Fun and Rio4Food. Check out their videos here:
• Rio4Fun:
• Guilherme:
• Rafa:


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Wild Zoo Animals Toys Baby and Mom Learn Animals Names Educational Toys for Kids

Wild Zoo Animals Toys Baby and Mom Learn Animals Names Educational Toys for Kids

#wildanimals #toysforkids #animalnames

Oddbods: CRAZY-BODS | Oddbods ALL NEW FULL EPISODES COMPILATIONS | Funny Cartoons for Kids | LIVE 🔴

Oddbods: CRAZY-BODS | Oddbods ALL NEW FULL EPISODES | Funny Cartoons for Children | LIVE 🔴

Oddbods is a sketch-based series following the adventures of seven adorable characters – Pogo, Newt, Slick, Bubbles, Jeff, Zee, and Fuse as they laugh, fool, and trip their way through the most seemingly ordinary situations, often with unexpected consequences

About the Channel:

Hello and welcome to HooplaKidz TV. Here we have a huge variety of cartoon shows for kids of all ages.

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Tik Tak Tail:



Super Geek Heroes:


Rob The Robot:

#Oddbods #FunnyCartoons #CrazyBods

Channel: HooplaKidz TV – Funny Cartoons For Children
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Wild Zoo Animals Toys Baby Mom Learn Animals Names Education Toys for Kids

Wild Zoo Animals Toys Baby Mom Learn Animals Names Education Toys for Kids

#wildanimals #zooanimals #toysforkids

Channel: Strawberry Jam Toys
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Duration: 5M30S
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Fun Educational Toys for Kids and Toddlers!

The third video in this compilation has technical issues. Please go here for the fixed version:

Best Educational Videos for Kids Compilation: Cars for Kids Tayo the Little Bus Preschool Learning! In these educational videos for kids we have a learning compilation filled with some of our best preschool learning toys to help teach kids colors, shapes, sorting, counting, and more! These fun learning toys for kids are some of the best ways to help kids learn while playing at the same time. We’ve got cars for kids, Tayo the Little Bus, a fun Dollhouse with locking doors, and more educational videos in this compilation for kids!

0:00 – Count cars for kids with fun Truck Carrier
6:09 – Colors, Counting with Tayo the Little Bus Pop Up Pals
11:11 – Play with Colorful Gumball Machine with Cookie Monster!
18:11 – Doll House with real locking doors & Playground
24:13 – Learn Fruits & Vegetables with Toy Cutting Foods

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Learn Words with Pororo the Little Penguin Toy House:
Laguna Blue and Pinkie Pie are Hungry:
Learn Colors w/ Paw Patrol Underwater Rescue Mission:
Peppa Pig gets a NEW House!
Sound Effects by

Channel: Genevieve’s Playhouse – Toy Learning for Kids
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ألوان أغنية مع طفل مضحك فيديو للأطفال

ألوان أغنية مع طفل مضحك فيديو للأطفال
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Channel: Stacy Toys
Published: 2017-11-26 18:33:19
Duration: 2M33S
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Play Doh Ice Cream Cups Learn Colors ,LOL Surprise Dolls, Zuru 5,Shopkins, Peppa Pig Eggs

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4 Colors and Learn Colors Play Doh Ice Cream Cups,LOL Surprise Dolls, Zuru 5 Surprise Toys,Shopkins, Peppa Pig Eggs and Kinder Surprise Eggs Unboxing Videos for Kids

music and kids nursery rhymes songs from:

#learncolors #surpriseeggs #playdoh

Channel: Toy Cake
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Duration: 23M53S
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Why research cancer without animals? | Animal Free Research UK

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Why Animals Are Needed in Research

Hear from some of the country’s leading scientists and medical experts who talk about why animal research is critical for medical progress and the advancement of both human and animal health.
Channel: Foundation for Biomedical Research
Published: 2015-06-01 15:49:12
Duration: 4M28S
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Faster than a calculator | Arthur Benjamin | TEDxOxford

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Benjamin makes numbers dance. In his day job, he’s a professor of mathematics at Harvey Mudd College; in his other day job, he’s a “Mathemagician,” taking the stage to perform high-speed mental calculations, memorisations and other astounding mathematic stunts. It’s part of his drive to teach math and mental agility in interesting ways, following in the footsteps of such heroes as Martin Gardner.

TEDxOxford is organised by University of Oxford students, aiming to bring together the young minds of tomorrow’s world with the movers and shakers of today. TEDxOxford is kindly sponsored by Neptune Investment Management –

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)

Channel: TEDx Talks
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क्या आप बुद्धिमान हो या फिर सामान्य? Scientific Research of Signs Which Prove You are a Genius

क्या आप बुद्धिमान हो या फिर सामान्य? Scientific Research of Signs Which Prove You are a Genius

Hello friends, science and scientific research fact and analysis in various fields like medical science, medicine and biology has helped us in the creation of technology that can save real lives of real people. Human patients in hospitals that are critical in their health condition. Discoveries in science and technology improved humans life in a whole another level and many developed countries has been actively encourages their people for new interesting researches. Those research helped humans to improve there brain power and understand human physiology in real life. Those research shows something unique and shocking about human brain which will amaze you. For a long time we decide human intelligence base on how they perform in exams and there grades in educational system but scientific research proof that any human being can be genius. Every one have there own unique capabilities which make each person unique. We in this video will do some analysis and investigation and try to uncover the shocking facts about brain which can improve human life in new level. Also those factual science information which is explained in a easy to understand language so you can understand how important you are and also you can be a genius. From the past research we know that Genius does not mean having more knowledge. Knowledge of mathematics, physics or tech gadgets, laptop and computers or even if you have huge knowledge about software or hardware does not make you Genius. For each people the definition of genius can be different you could have high technical knowledge, it means your memory power is good and you could be genius on that field but for others the term genius is multi-dimensional. This could sound unreal but which the help of neurology, neuroscience and medical science, we can clearly see how different common activities in your life can improve your brain power and make you an super genius. A genius is a person who displays exceptional intellectual ability, creative productivity, universality in genres or originality, typically to a degree that is associated with the achievement of new advances in a domain of knowledge and he must also educate himself practical knowledge. If you want to test you brain and have the courage to became a genius . Let’s watch the entire video in Hindi to know about most powerful part of our body which have so many interesting facts.

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दुनिया का सबसे लम्बा हवाई सफर World longest Flight Endurance Record –

Japan में लोगों का 100 सालो से ज़ादा जीने का राज Factual Science behind Japaneses People Long Life –

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12 साल के COMA से बाहर निकलने के बाद इसने जो कहा सबके होश उड़े रह गए Medical Science Brain Case

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Introduction to The Institute of Cancer Research

Find out more about The Institute of Cancer Research
Channel: InstituteCanResearch
Published: 2008-03-20 11:04:51
Duration: 6M34S
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The Ripple Effects of a Cashless Society | Richard Wright | TEDxPeachtree

With countries like Sweden and Denmark moving closer to becoming cashless societies, Richard Wright unveils results of a study on the unexpected consequences when less coin and currency is being used for daily purchases.

Richard Wright is Professor and Chair of the Criminal Justice and Criminology Department in the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University and former Editor-in-Chief of Oxford Bibliographies [Criminology] and the British Journal of Sociology. He has been studying active urban street criminals — residential burglars, armed robbers, carjackers, and drug dealers — for over a quarter century.

He is the author or co-author of seven books and many scholarly articles and book chapters, including Armed Robbers in Action and Burglars on the Job, which won the 1994-95 Outstanding Scholarship in Crime and Delinquency Award from the Society for the Study of Social Problems. He also is co-editor of the Sage Handbook of Fieldwork. Richard has written widely for the popular press.

He has appeared on numerous nationally broadcast TV news programs in the US and Great Britain, and he has been interviewed twice on NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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Dogs Available for Adoption May 2019

Dogs Available for Adoption May 2019 from Dogs In Distress Ireland

So Touching !! ANIMAL ASKS for people’s help

Three INCREDIBLE Animal Rescues
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So Touching !! ANIMAL ASKS for people’s help

the original videos ◄
Cat asking for help
Shark asks several Divers for help

Animal ask for help. Wow !!!!
Penguin asks for medical help after swallowing a pebble accidentally!!
Mother Goose Asks Police Officer To Help Baby Tangled In Rope
Animal asks to rub him back without stoppin l
So Touching! – Swan Thanks Fisherman for Rescue
The duck asks for people’s help

Music /creative commons attribution

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May 6 available adoption dogs

We have so many dogs available for adoption that they are free until May 15th. Small dogs and puppies are $25.00. Please share and consider adoption from the shelter!
Channel: Pinellas County Animal Services
Published: 2015-05-06 19:07:04
Duration: 9M29S
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14 dogs available for adoption in overflow

Let’s get these 14 dogs in overflow adopted in the next 50 hours. Then for the holiday weekend, we will have 36 dogs in adoptions. We will be closed Sunday and Monday
Channel: Pinellas County Animal Services
Published: 2015-09-03 17:01:33
Duration: 5M6S
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Polar bears and dogs playing

A strange relationship between dogs and bears.
Taken from the show “Jailed Polar Bear” on

Download in full from:

Channel: FirstscienceTV
Published: 2007-10-24 12:40:26
Duration: 2M18S
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Amazing!! Animal Saves Another Animal | Animal Heroes 2016 HD

The first video uploaded on YouTube -since 2016- featuring a compilation of the Top 7 Best videos on the internet. of animal saves another animal
animal Save Lifes Or Just Playing With Food ?
Lets us know your opinin and Comments.
Is the animal sharing the human instinct of mercy or all of what we saw in this video purely coincidental;
Baboons Save Deer From Leopard – Hippo Help Deer and Zebra, Bear Saves Crow From Drowning and Lioness Saves baby calf from another lion attack , try not cry – Top 7 Best Videos
Hope you like our compilation,
Funniest Cute Baby Hamsters Of All Time – 2019
Turtles Pairing Rituals – Most Bizarre & Funny – 2019
Dog Vs Cat React To Dead Snake – 2019

The content in this compilation is licensed and used with authorization of the rights holder. If you have any questions about compilation or clip licensing, please contact
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Top 7 Best Eagle Attacks:
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Published: 2016-04-27 21:54:23
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Amy's Animal Hair Salon – Fluffy Cats Pet Care – Fun Dress Up Makeovers For Girls

Amy’s Animal Hair Salon – Fluffy Cats Pet Care – Fun Dress Up Makeovers For Girls
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Fun Baby Kitchen Cooking Yummy Cake Game – Kids Bake, Decorate & Serve Cakes by CoCo Play

Fun Baby Kitchen Cooking Yummy Cake Game – Kids Bake, Decorate & Serve Cakes by CoCo Play


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Build Water Slide House Around Underground Swimming Pool

Build Water Slide House Around Underground Swimming Pool

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Other video: Build Pyramids And Fish Pool By Ancient Skill

Build Fish Pond in Undergroud Bamboo House To Raise Fish On The Cliff

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20 Funny Couple Pranks / Prank Wars!

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DIY Giant Chocolate Egg / 8 Easter Crafts And DIYs:
Do you want to make fun of your beloved? Then you will definitely like the idea of treating him with a secret cake or adding a few bright colors to his clothes. See the new collection of pranks and laugh together!

Supplies and Tools:
• Sweatshirt
• Double-sided tape
• Disappearing ink
• Beads
• Confetti
• Kettle
• Empty carton of juice
• Balloon
• Water
• Food coloring
• Powder container
• Powdered sugar
• Spoon
• Hair brush
• Cactus
• Mitten
• Knife
• Hot glue gun
• Cream puffs
• Flour
• Wet wipes
• Liquid soap
• Nail tips
• Nail polish
• Nail file
• Sand paper
• Pencil
• Scissors
• Rubik’s Cub
• Decorative glitter tape
• Paper
• Felt
• Pastel
• Artificial flowers
• Mascara
• Acrylic paint
• Foam plastic
• Socks
• String
• Phone charger
• Clear tape
• Soft clay

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Song created by Heather “1 Luv” Gayle
Engineering by Tyler Metz

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Felis Domesticus – The Fraternity of Paws & Claws

Felis Domesticus – The Fraternity of Paws & Claws

FEARLESS CATS ★ 29 Cats Who Are Totally Badass [Epic Laughs]

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So there you have it! FEARLESS CATS. Try NOT TO LAUGH at this video!

Fearless cat
Cat vs. Alligator
Pet Cat Saves Boy from Two Vicious GATORS -Cat vs Gator (original)
The Cat Who Slaps Gators
Cat vs Cobra Snake Attack ● Wild Animals
Fearless Cats Attack a COBRA!
Fearless Cat Chases and Attacks Bear.
Neustrasiva macka – Fearless cat
Snickers: The Fearless Cat
Fearless cat shows bear who’s boss
Fearless Cats Are Walking On The Edge Of Balcony
You didn’t see it yet: Toad, snake and fearless cat
Crazy fearless white cat attacks and chases dog
Remove cat before flight
Fearless Kitty Vs. Goat (ORIGINAL)
Brave Pet Cat Stands Up To Mountain Lion – Cute Cats VS Mountain Lion
Fearless Kitten!! Amazing!!.
A Huge Bear Tries To Break Into Their House, But The Fearless Cat Says “You Shall Not Pass”
Cats gets scared by Wild Animals Compilation.
Cat vs Cobra Snake Attack Wild Animals 2016 YouTube
Amazing Cat vs Snake Attack Kung fu
Me and my cats meet a wild fox. Real life Disney moment!
The Grizzly and the Tabby cat
Tiger cub playing w/ a house cat! (They really are friends).
Adorable Cat Riding Motorcycle!!!
бесстрашный Кот | fearless cat
Бесстрашный кот и дельфин
Бесстрашный кот
Самый смелый кот
Cat Vs Snake смелый кот против змеи
Little Octopus Strikes Back
кот против тарантула | cat vs tarantula spider
Kitty vs Raccoon

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Bhagwant Mann is a famous comedian artist and politician. In today’s video we share about actor, singer an politician Bhagwant Mann’s life, his struggle, life style, family and controversies and what was the reason of Bhagwant Maan’s divorce. So enjoy Bhagwant Mann’s biography in Punjabi.

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#bhagwantmann #punjabimoviesadda

Channel: Punjabi Movies Adda
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Living With Tigers: Family Share Home With Pet Tigers

Living With Tigers: Family Share Home With Pet Tigers


A BRAZILIAN family have taken the trend for exotic pets to new extremes. Not content with the standard pooch or moggy, the Borges brood have been sharing their home with a pack of SEVEN tigers. Aryas Borges, began his love affair with tigers when he found two of the big cats living in a bad state at a circus — and decided to bring them home. His daughters Nayara, 20, Uyara, 23, and Deusanira, 24, grew up sharing their meals, beds and playtime with the fully-grown predators and walking them on a leash. And Nayara, a real-life female Tarzan, regularly hops into the family swimming pool to take a dip with her furry friends. After his success with the rescue tigers, Ary started breeding them, and the tigers still have the run of the house at the Borges family home in Maringa. The family have forged an incredible bond with the tigers after living under the same roof for so long.

Videographer / Director: Laurentiu Garofeanu
Producer: Jack Fletcher / Liam Miller
Editor: Joshua Douglas

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Channel: Barcroft TV
Published: 2013-09-25 10:23:05
Duration: 3M23S
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Sneak Peak Of Gordon Ramsay’s Lucky Cat Restaurant

The cat is out of the bag. Bookings now open for Lucky Cat by Gordon Ramsay –

The Asian Eating House, located in Grosvenor Square, invites guests to enjoy Gordon Ramsay’s latest venture, with a menu that features Asian small plates and Robata grilled dishes. Lucky Cat will also offer a superb selection of Japanese gins and over 50 sakes, alongside wine, beer, and whiskey.

#GordonRamsay #Cooking #GordonRamsayLuckyCat #LuckyCat #LuckyCatMayfair

If you liked this clip check out the rest of Gordon’s channels:

Channel: Gordon Ramsay
Published: 2019-05-22 14:13:49
Duration: 2M40S
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When it comes to pets, we all can tell the same story. When we’re kids, our parents give us a small and relatively simple creature, like a parrot or a hamster. Then, when we grow up, they trust us with a more difficult animal: a kitten or a puppy. However, it turns out that there are people on our planet that can tell a whole different story and their pets are usually the center of attention. So, look at the screen, because we’re about to show you the most unusual pets in the world!
Published: 2019-02-09 09:23:55
Duration: 5M37S
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Eating Cat Food For Iftar Prank.. (BEST RAMADAN PRANK)

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Letting The Person In Front Of Us Decide What We Eat For Iftar..

Letting The Person In Front Of Us Decide What We Eat For Iftar.. Yesterdays Vlog:

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DM’ing 100 CELEBRITIES TO SEE WHO WOULD REPLY.. **it actually worked**

Today I sent a dm to 100 celebrities on Instagram to see how many would actually respond.. and it really worked!!
• Original Video –


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Channel: FaZe Rug
Published: 2019-05-17 18:14:54
Duration: 32M6S
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Tungsten Thor’s Hammer (World’s HEAVIEST)

A part of this video has been sponsored by LastPass. Check out LastPass here: (It helps the channel!)

We’ve created the WORLD’S HEAVIEST 1:1 scale replica of Mjolnir! Watch the video to find out how heavy it is!

There are many other “heavy” mjolnirs out there, but not many are 1:1 scale replicas! The “heaviest” is probably How Ridiculous’ BUT their hammer is also a good 2X bigger than a real mjolnir!

The only way to make this heavier would be to make it ENTIRELY out of Tungsten, or spend millions on Osmium — the densest metal available!

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Video Review / Collaboration ►
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CAM ► Autodesk HSM

Highspeed Cam – Chronos 1.4 ►
Main shooter – Panasonic GH5s ►
Phone – Samsung Note 8 ►
B Camera – Sony RX10ii ►
Camcorder – Sony Handycam ►
Slow Motion (960fps) – Sony RX10ii ►
Slow Motion (240fps) – Panasonic GH5s ►
Action Cam – GoPro ►
Steadicam – Osmo ►
Main mic – Sennheiser ►
Bendy Tripod ►
Main Tripods – old second hand Manfrotto tripods no longer sold.

CNC Plasma Cutter ►
3d Printers – Taz 6 ►
Moarstruder ►
Filament ►
CNC Mill ►
CNC Lathe ►
Laser Cutter – Gweike LG900N 80W ►
3d Scanner ►
Drills, drivers, grinders, saws, etc ►
Welder ►
Desktop PC ►


@00:22 “At the Top” by Steve Benton
Licensed from Triple Scoop Music ►

@03:54 “Blue Revolver” By Jeffrey Allen
Licensed from Triplescoop Music ►

@06:34 “Upbeat Intense Racer 3” by Jermaine Stegall
Provided by Audio Blocks ►

@08:31 “Hallelujah” By Toddzero
Licensed from Triplescoop Music ►

@10:23 “Extreme Rock Guitar” Keith Holden
Provided by Audio Blocks ►

@10:32 “Ill-Gotten” by Shotgun Radio
Licensed from Triplescoop Music ►

@15:07 “Powerful” by Roman Smirnov
Provided by Audio Blocks ►

@15:29 “On the Leash” by JJXO
Licensed from Triplescoop Music ►


mjolnir thor hammer heaviest hammer how ridiculous world’s heaviest tungsten thor hammer tungsten metal

Channel: the Hacksmith
Published: 2019-05-16 23:43:41
Duration: 19M15S
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Reema and Sofia Meet for the first time!! Hilarious Reaction!!!
Yesterday’s Vlog:

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Chinese family iftar in Dubai: United by love and sharing

WhatsApp news alerts:
We experience an iftar with a Chinese family living in Dubai’s International City. Nilanjana Gupta reports.

INSTAGRAM: #khaleejtimes #dubai #news

Channel: Khaleej Times
Published: 2018-05-31 11:55:06
Duration: 5M6S
Views: 529548
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