Donkey Kong Country 2: Round 12 | Cat O’ 9 Tails!

The Minion and Meowgid finally come face to face with the dreaded Cat O’ 9 Tails! They are in the Marsh land and up to their butts in swamp. They have to navigate the crafty jumps and deal with this feline who has a penchant for spinning around in circles and flinging one willy nilly!

Donkey Kong Country 2: Round 11 | Do it!

Meowgid gets excited and wants to play in this one! Let’s Do this! The Minion, however, is unimpressed by her telling him to “just do it!” He is almost equally, if not more, nonplussed by her shouting out answers that are not correct! Silly Minion! You know Meowgid’s track record!
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Published: 2019-02-16 20:09:37
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Sonic & Knuckles: Round 6 | Like Sands Thru The Hourglass…

So are the games of our Sonic! The Minion is taking it all in stride and spoiling Meowgid as we go further in the Pyramid. Though she can’t tell the difference between a ceiling and a platform! Overall the confusion is strong in this one! Meowgid is only certain of one thing and that is there is lots of sand in this level… oh! And that the ghosts, while at times are vicious, are also actually freaking cute with their cat-like ears!
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Published: 2019-02-14 01:57:41
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Donkey Kong Country 2: Round 10 | Nightmare Rollercoaster!

It’s all fun and games until you hear the wails and screams. The Minion and Meowgid navigate through the perils of an amusement park where nothing seems right. It’s stuff of nightmares or something from Creepy Pasta at least. Then on to another thorny patch! Can they handle the terror? The fright? Oh! And yes! Hope you’re enjoying your Valentine’s Day!
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Published: 2019-02-09 20:19:16
Duration: 15M28S
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Donkey Kong Country 2: Round 8 | The Swole Strikes Back!

The Minion and Meowgid find themselves in a sticky situation! Not only are they having to still get through the labyrinth of thorns with the help of moving barrels and a hive full of sticky honey that prevents one from walking, they run into another beastly Krem! Will his swole pectorals create a problem? Will The Minion distract himself with euphemisms? Time can only tell!
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Published: 2019-02-07 20:00:42
Duration: 15M35S
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Sonic & Knuckles: Round 7 | Emerald Madness!!!

Meowgid needs Tails! Really needs him despite her making fun of him for being expendable! The Minion is being a good sport in lifting her up and carrying her to get more emeralds. Of course, it is also him who is actually winning them for her. The Minion is Super Awesome!
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Learn Farm Animals Inside House | “Jungle Daddy” zoo ranch stable toys for kids

Check ou the cow, pig sheep, horse, cattle, dog, donkey and more animal videos for kids!

Farm Animals For kids and Learning Name Sounds Cow, Donkey, Horse, Goat With Animal Toys

Farm Animals For kids and Learning Name Sounds Cow, Donkey, Horse, Goat With Animal Toys

#animaltoys #farmanimals #toysforkids

Channel: Toys Studio
Published: 2018-11-22 10:12:35
Duration: 6M49S
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Blippi at the Zoo | Learn Animals for Children and Toddlers

Take a tour of the Zoo with Blippi and learn zoo animals. This video for toddlers and children, Blippi will guide you behind the scenes at the zoo. This fun Blippi zoo animals for toddlers video will show what it’s like being a zookeeper and veterinarian and what its like working at a zoo. Blippi will help you learn about animals at the zoo. Thanks for watching the Blippi Zoo tour video. Please subscribe to Blippi at

Watch the full Blippi toys playlist of all Blippi toys educational videos for toddlers at:

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Published: 2018-05-13 13:55:41
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Om Nom Stories: BEST OF ALL SEASONS | Cut The Rope | Funny Cartoons for Children by HooplaKidz TV

Om Nom Stories: BEST OF ALL SEASONS | Cut The Rope | Funny Cartoons for Children by HooplaKidz TV

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HooplaKidz TV showcases a wide variety of Cartoons for children like Om Nom, Oddbods, AstroLOLogy and many more along with a beautiful mix of Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs!
So come along and have some Hoopla Fun with us! Hoopla Kidz are Happy Kidz!

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ᴴᴰPsi Patrol Po Polsku 2018 ▶ Psi Patrol Po Polsku Bajki Dla Dzieci 2018 #Odcinki 102

ᴴᴰPsi Patrol Po Polsku 2018 ▶ Psi Patrol Po Polsku Bajki Dla Dzieci 2018 #Odcinki 102
#paw , #pawtrol #Psipatrol #skyred
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Published: 2019-01-16 16:52:53
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한국어ㅣ우리집 하마가 새끼를 낳았어요. 유아 동물만화, 숫자놀이, 동물이름 외우기ㅣ꼬꼬스토이

★CoCosToy Korean 한국어★
★CoCosToy English 영어★

오늘 살펴볼 동물은 바다코끼리, 장수거북, 바다사자, 매너티, 펭귄, 하마 입니다. 엄마동물이 새끼를 낳았어요

꼬꼬스토이와 함께 공룡, 수장룡, 익룡, 멸종동물, 동물, 곤충을 공부해보아요! 또 숫자놀이, 색깔놀이, 한글 공부, 영어공부도 같이 해보아요! (어린이 교육채널)

★전설의 공룡마을 만들기

★공룡과 동물 이야기 [season5]

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★쥬라기월드 공룡싸움 시즌2

★장난감 공룡싸움 시즌1

★웹드라마 꼬꼬의 대모험

동영상이 맘에 드시면 구독과 좋아요를 눌러주세요! 제발~~

❤︎[꼬꼬스토이 홈페이지]
페이스북 : 페이스북에서 꼬꼬스토이 검색
제휴 및 문의:

꼬꼬스토이는 공룡, 어룡, 수장룡, 익룡, 동물, 멸종동물, 곤충을 애니메이션으로 공부하는 어린이 교육 채널입니다.
다양한 공룡과 동물의 이름과 특징을 재미있는 애니메이션으로 익혀보아요.
재밌게 시청해주세요! 감사합니다! Thank you.


Let’s learn about Dinosaurs,animals and bugs with cocostoy. [Korean version]

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Doja Cat X Ugly God Type Beat- Donkey Kong Country[ Traptendo]

A beat I think Doja Cat and Ugly would sound great together rapping. I gave it that Donkey Kong Country vibe. I used FL Studio 20 to make the beat and visuals. I used the Super Traptendo XP for Tone2 ElectraX and Triforce XP for the arps. Ocean Veau mixed the beat for me… Big thanks to him

Buy the beat here

sounds use

social media links [Contact me here for fastest response!]

type beat diddy kong nintendo



When I was a little girl, my dad had a couple of these cute ghosts on our piano during Halloween. I remember thinking they really floated not knowing that it was starch that held them up. This year, I decided it was time to make some for my friends to experience. I used liquid starch, which is kind of hard to come by. Plus, it’s a lot of money to spend on a ghost or two. So, I found a better and cheaper way to make these. Here’s what you need:

Cheesecloth (I just found mine in the baking section of the grocery store and it was about $3. I used the whole package for one ghost. I cut it in half and used 2 layers to make it sturdier)
Black felt
Any kind of “make-shift” stand to support the cheesecloth while it dries out.

First, you start by making homemade liquid starch.
Pour 2 cups of water into a microwave safe container. Then, add one cup of cornstarch and mix it really well.
Microwave in 30 second increments, stirring in-between, until it gets thick. Mine took about 2 minutes total. This is kind of what you’re going for:
Set that aside and let it cool off a little bit. You don’t want it to get cold, though.

Meanwhile, set up your “make-shift” stand. You can use cups, balloons, Styrofoam balls. Whatever you can find to make the right shape and size. You just want to make sure you can pull it out from under the cheesecloth once it’s dry. Balloons are nice because you can pop them. I didn’t have any balloons on hand, so here’s what I used:

I put some freezer paper on the table so that the ghost would have something to sit on (besides the table) while it dried.
Next, I cut the cheesecloth in half. I wanted to make my ghost a little sturdier. Coat each piece of cheesecloth with the cornstarch. It took a little bit of working it in. You want to make sure it is completely coated.

Drape the pieces of cheesecloth one at a time over your make-shift stand and make sure you arrange it how you want it. Once it’s dry, you can’t really change anything.

Once you’ve got it perfect, allow it to completely dry. Mine took overnight. When it’s stiff, carefully remove the cheesecloth from the mold and glue on two felt eyes.

It’s really hard to capture on camera, but the ghost is completely see-through and looks like it’s just floating!


0:14 Awesome pumpkin ideas
2:54 Toothy pumpkin
5:02 Your body – your ghost
7:27 Skeletons

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Duration: 13M54S
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The Teens give their reaction to hearing Classic Video Game Theme songs, but do they know it?

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Game Sleuth: Can You Beat the Running Man in Ocarina of Time?

In the first episode of the spiritual successor to Pop Fiction, we investigate whether it’s possible to beat the Running Man in the N64 classic, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
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Channel: Easy Allies
Published: 2016-06-18 20:22:00
Duration: 10M49S
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World’s Most Infamous Donkey Kong Player Caught Cheating!

Channel: Apollo Legend
Published: 2018-02-16 17:30:38
Duration: 14M39S
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Just Shapes & Beats – Final Boss + Ending (60fps)

Played by Adam, Enjoy 🙂
I make music too:
Channel: Ricelanders
Published: 2018-06-02 22:08:17
Duration: 13M22S
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Boogerjorf the Cat!! Joe Plays Donkey Kong Country

honestly… I’ve tried to upload this like 5 times, so if it works this time, this is the description… I’m tired

Donkey Kong Country Returns HD – All Bosses (No Damage)

All bosses compilation of Donkey Kong Country Returns without taking damage for Wii and Nintendo 3DS (1080p & 60fps) Enjoy – Rate – Comment – Subscribe =) ►Activate the description for the order of the bosses!!

Every boss fight:

00:00 Mugly
02:01 Scurvy Crew
04:31 Stu
06:35 Mole Miner Max & Mole Train
10:32 Mangoruby
13:33 Thugly
17:26 Colonel Pluck & Stompybot 3000
21:11 Tiki Tong
23:49 Ending

All boss battles of Donkey Kong Returns without taking damage for Wii and Nintendo 3DS in 1080p and 60fps
►No Commentary Gameplay by ProsafiaGaming (2018)◄

Channel: ProsafiaGaming
Published: 2018-04-28 22:57:35
Duration: 25M4S
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Donkey Kong Country 3 – todos os Bonus , DK´s e Banana-birds(Mundo 8)

Gameplay Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble Mundo 8- Krematoa o mundo secreto , pegando todos os bonus , DK e o restante dos Banana-birds(que são os passarinhos com formato de banana) que estavam faltando.
Channel: Flips Longplays
Published: 2016-10-06 06:44:58
Duration: 36M41S
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Donkey Kong Country 2 : Glitch Compilation Part 1

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest Glitch Compilation
Channel: xReki
Published: 2009-01-07 02:39:26
Duration: 9M57S
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Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D – All Bosses

►A Boss Compilation of All Boss Battles in DONKEY KONG COUNTRY RETURNS 3D + ENDING & CREDITS
▼All Bosses in order▼

00:00 – Mugly
02:01 – Scurvy Crew
05:11 – Stu (05:41)
08:08 – Mole Miner Max and his Mole Train
11:38 – Mangoruby
14:32 – Thugly
19:09 – Colonel Pluck and his Stompybot 3000
23:08 – Tiki Tong

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►Wii U Account : TheGermanWalks

►No Commentary Gameplay by NintenU (2016)◄

Channel: NintenU
Published: 2016-09-05 11:52:20
Duration: 34M9S
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SNES Longplay – Donkey Kong Country

100% longplay (or “101%”, as the game likes to put it!). All bonus rooms and KONG letters are shown. With that said however, there is a bit of a weird glitch involving the KONG letters that happens a few times throughout this longplay. Basically what happens is this: I get a certain number of KONG letters, I collect three animal tokens, I play an animal mini-game and then get taken back to the main level. When I get the next KONG letter, the game acts like I didn’t get the previous KONG letters that I got before the animal mini-game! This glitch isn’t game-breaking or anything, but it may confuse some people. So if you see the game acting like I didn’t collect certain KONG letters, rest assured that I actually did get them. You can rewind the video if you need to.

This was recorded on an emulator (snes9x) with a USB controller in one sitting; no save states or re-recording tools were used. I died a bunch of times during the recording, but the deaths have all been edited out, so none of them appear in the video.

Lastly, it’s probably best that I explain what I did from 1:04:21 – 1:04:32. In the level Oil Drum Alley, in one of its bonus rooms you have to get three bananas, then a barrel will appear. You then have to use that barrel to break the right wall to enter a bonus room within a bonus room (!). To do it properly you need to grab the barrel as soon as you can, then hold right while jumping. This is kind of tricky to pull off if you don’t know what you’re doing, so I thought I’d bring mention to it in case it confuses anyone 🙂

Shoutout to my awesome friend Aidan for inspiring me to make this video. He has some terrific longplays on his channel, check it out!

Channel: Bella Holloway
Published: 2014-04-27 09:56:28
Duration: 1H51M42S
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