The Pet Detectives Cat Detection Dog recovering from a bite by a Common European viper (Adder)

This footage shows the injury and bite wound inflicted by the Common European Viper also known as the Adder on My Working Cocker Spaniel during a routine search for a missing cat

Heart warming recovery of a stolen Coton De Tulear puppy by the Pet Detectives UKPD

Here is the video of the exact moment that Newton the 4-month-old Coton De Tulear puppy, missing since 27th May 2017 was recovered by the UKPD the top pet detective agency in the UK
Newton was reported to us as a stolen dog but we believe that Newton had managed to survive for over two weeks in a council depot by scavenging scraps of rotten food dropped by the refuse trucks visiting the site. This is an incredible feat for such a young dog who manged to avoid all the heavy trucks in the yard and find enough food and water to keep him alive.
Channel: The Pet Detectives UKPD
Published: 2017-06-14 17:06:27
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The Pet Detectives Cat Detection dog in action locating a hidden cat during a training exercise

When a dog becomes a cat’s best friend

World’s first Cat Detection Dog trained specifically to find cats that have been injured in accidents, cats that are sick or cats that are believed to be trapped in buildings the latest team member to join the pet detectives UK.

Channel: The Pet Detectives UKPD
Published: 2017-02-18 12:36:10
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How to find a lost or missing cat? Meet the Pet Detectives Cat Detection Dog

Cat Detection Dog Molly the Uk’s only cat detection dog trained to find missing and lost cats using scent match recognition
Channel: The Pet Detectives UKPD
Published: 2017-06-15 14:29:22
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THE PET DETECTIVES Meet the UKPD Colin Butcher and Nadean Moses

Introduction to The Pet Detectives UKPD Colin Butcher and Nadean Moses with their pets Molly the Cat Detection Dog and Milo the Mouse Detection Cat. Subscribe to this channel to discover more about the world of real life Pet Detectives
Channel: The Pet Detectives UKPD
Published: 2017-06-22 15:51:21
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Review: A stray cat keeps licking her cat bite wound

This stray cat had an abscessed wound. The wound was drained and the wound was debrided and cleaned. The cat was confined for 3 days in-patient and was OK. On going home on Day 4, the cat licked his wound and climbed inside his carrier, leading to stitch breakdown. So, the young couple was worried and wanted a solution.

I removed the loose stitches, gave painkillers and a size 12.5 e-collar. The wound would heal slowly by cleaning and antibiotics.

Minimise movement and feed by hand. The owner was unable to give antibiotics. A high tension area and movement lead to breakdown of lthe stitching.

Channel: Kong Yuen Sing
Published: 2015-04-28 19:40:13
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