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If you are looking for pet “veterinarians near me” or “vets near me” then you have come to the right place! We are your go to pet veterinarian for all your animal hospital veterinary care needs! So thank you for checking us out. We are pros for all forms of pet care in Lexington and neighboring areas. We are proud to be the primary veterinary clinic that individuals have been looking to for many years to have us take care of their animals. From general checkups, parvo virus treatment vaccinations to cat and dog microvhipping to complex surgeries, we take special satisfaction in caring for many types of pets. Here are just several of the main reasons pet owners choose us first for their veterinary clinic needs!

Our Pet Animal Hospital: A Deeply Felt Love for Pets

At our animal hospital veterinary clinic, we truly respect each of the dogs, cats, birds and other small animals that come into our animal clinic, and it shows. From the moment you bring them in, we treat your pets as if they’re one of our own. We entered into this business for the love of animals. You can always trust us for quality service, but it will always come with heart. We understand that visiting the veterinarian can be a stress filled experience for your pets. From providing up special treats upon their arrival (with your approval, of course!) to establishing relaxing spaces where your furry friends can take it easy while they wait, we make a special effort to keep your pets comfortable, and to make their visits to our office as enjoyable as can be. And the fact that we’re specialists at handling and caring for pets doesn’t hurt either!

Complete Pet Hospital Veterinary Clinic Care During the Lifespan

When searching for an animal hospital or veterinarian care clinic most people look for a few key things. First, how experienced is the pet veterinarian. Second, are they proficient with my pet, be it dog, cat reptile, bird or other small animal. Third, what is the cost of the veterinary care services?
As fully licensed veterinarians we have years of experience dealing with all types of animals and situations. The most common things we see are people bringing their pet to us and concerned about the parvo virus, general and rabies vaccinations, spay and neuter of their pet, and microchipping of their pet for safe return.

Our animal hospital veterinarian clinic. One of the most common services we provide to felines and canines are vaccination shots, including the rabies shot. A lot of illnesses that affect pets are prevented with vaccines. It is common understanding that your dog will live a longer and healthier life if they are appropriately vaccinated. However, vaccinations for dogs can get a bit complex as there are a great deal of various types and combinations that are possible. There are some risks with some of these vaccines, and these risks should be evaluated against your dog’s lifestyle and health. Our vet can help you figure out which vaccination regime is right for your dog. The cost of vaccinating your pet is minimal compared to the health benefits they receive. Call our office for current cost to vaccinate your dog or cat.

Young or old, small or large, we are here for all your cat or dog or small animal needs. We enjoy seeing the new additions that you’ve recently welcomed into your family, as well as the senior pets who have been part of your family for years. Count on our pet animal hospital clinic to be there for your two and four-legged friends throughout their lifespan, with recommendations and health care plans tailored to their stage of life. Normally, we want to see your pets at least yearly, but some animals may need more frequent visits to assist you keep them healthy and safe.
So, if you are looking for a “veterinarians near me or vets near me” then you have come to the right place! We are your go to pet veterinarian for all your animal hospital veterinary care needs! Thank you for visiting us. We are experts for all kinds of pet care in Lexington and neighboring locations. We are proud to be the main animal hospital that individuals have been looking to for many years to have us take care of their animals. From general exams, parvo virus treatment vaccinations to cat and dog microchipping to complicated surgeries, we take special satisfaction in caring for many kinds of pets. Call us to schedule your examination today!


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Animal Care Technologies is the industry leader in veterinary training products. ACT Online Staff Training allows personalized training to be delivered to individual staff members wherever and whenever it is convenient. ACT offers online staff training courses for both small animal specialty clinics as well as large animal practices. For more information on training material please call 800-357-3182.

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