Someone Dumped A Cat At A Shelter Cat With Badly Matted Fur


The staff at Douglas County Animal Care & Services in Gardnerville, Nevada, came to work one morning to find a matted, abandoned animal on the doorstep.

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Rescue Of Starving Injured Dog Who Jumped Into My Arms

Rescue of a homeless dog with a broken leg – Howl Of A Dog Rescue Video We were driving back home from the veterinary clinic when we spotted an injured dog limping on side of the road. We pulled over and rushed toward him, trying to stop him from going any further into the thick bushes. He was so desperate and the moment he saw us he seemed to have instantly realized we’re there to help him. We took him to the clinic to be examined and have an X-ray performed, but the results received were not good: he had a double fracture – the two bones of his front leg were broken and needed repair surgery. The vet estimated the fracture was at least one week old. Vlad was also severely emaciated, we can only imagine how hard it was for him to survive for so many days without food and with that painful broken leg. He was so hungry when we found him that he desperately grabbed a box of tissues we had in the car and tried to eat them.
He underwent repair surgery and the fractured bones were fixed with metal plates and screws. The procedure was a complicated one, but everything went well and Vlad made a beautiful recovery. Vlad is a young dog, approx. 2 years old, he’s neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated. He’s full of joy and finds so much fun in everything he does. He really loves life and longs to find a home where he can live happy and smile for the rest of his life. He is in our care in Romania but can also travel abroad to the USA, Canada and Europe. So if you have a loving home for him please check our adoption procedure here: and email us at . Thank you!

*UPDATE: We’re so happy to announce you that Vlad found a loving adoptive family in Phoenix, Arizona. Here is Vlad at his forever home: .Thank you so much everyone for your support, for watching and for sharing his rescue video!

**The dog that was with us in the car when we found Vlad is Archie whom we saved several weeks earlier. This is his story and rescue video:

Watch also: Rescue of a Scared Homeless Dog with a Broken Heart:

To help us save more animals in need please visit:


Howl Of A Dog is a small nonprofit animal rescue organization located in Romania. Our commitment is to rescue abandoned, neglected and abused dogs from the streets or from local kill-shelters and to find them suitable loving forever homes. For more details please visit our website: or our Facebook page: Thank you!
HOWL OF A DOG organization
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Faith In Humanity Restored 2018 – Beautiful Moments of Respect and Fair Play in Sports

Faith In Humanity Restored 2018 – Beautiful Moments of Respect and Fair Play in Sports

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Ernest Borgnine Gives Tour of His Bus

Ernie shows off The Sunbum, all 40-feet of it, from front to back. It’s a customized Prevost Bus with every comfort of home, including a marble staircase at the entryway. The banks of lights, gauges and video monitor resemble the captain’s deck on Star Trek. Customized in southwest style, The Sunbum has leather couches, a full-sized refrigerator, and a Tiffany-like lamp. The bathroom shower has frosted glass with the initials “T, E, and you know the rest!” Hint: Tova is Ernie’s wife.
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Celebrities/Stars of the 1970s and 80s:Then and Now Part 26

Celebrities/Stars of the 1970s and 80s:Then and Now Part 26
Series Playlist:

Garrett Morris:
Sally Kirkland:
Leslie Easterbrook:
Richard Dreyfuss:
Soleil Moon Fyre:
Amy Irving:
Roger Daltrey:
Diana Canova:
Ernie Hudson:
James Cromwell:
Ed Asner:
Demi Moore:
Carrie Henn:
Rene Auberjonois:
Mitch Gaylord:
Mimi Rogers:
Gedde Watanabe:
Leigh McCloskey:
Cynthia Nixon:
Jeremy Irons:
Paul Rodriguez:
Sela Ward:
Fisher Stevens:
Maria Conchita Alonso:
Georgia Engel:
Glynn Turman:
T.K. Carter:
Jenny Agutter:
Jeff Fahey:
Bill Pullman:
Susan Damante:
Susan Sullivan:
Robert Foxworth:
Keisha Knight Pulliam:

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America’s Got Talent 2018 – Funniest / Weirdest / Worst Auditions – Part 1

From Amazing Singles
First off we have the Stavinsky Cats. – An act consisting of mother and daughter feline trainers from the Ukraine… and some very talented cats! – Then there’s Lioz Shem Tov a mentalist who showcases his telekinesis powers to transform everyday objects into… well, everyday objects. – This is followed by five year old Sophie Fatu the youngest performer to ever appear on AGT. Listen as she belts out a dynamic version of “New York, New York”… this is not an easy song to sing!

Presented by Amazing Singles – the Hottest Singles Resource On The Web.

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