Solar Eclipse 101 | National Geographic

A total solar eclipse happens somewhere on Earth once every year or two. What is an eclipse? Learn more about how solar eclipses happen, the four types of eclipses, and how to view the sun safely if you’re within the path of totality.
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Solar Eclipse 101 | National Geographic

National Geographic

A solar eclipse can cook your eyes: How to watch safely

A solar eclipse can seriously damage your eyes. Using eclipse glasses is just one safety tip for viewing the total eclipse.

Here’s how and where to watch in Canada:

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Why Native Americans will not be watching the solar eclipse

While the whole country watches The Great American Solar Eclipse, an event The American Astronomical Society predicts will be the most-watched total solar eclipse in history, there’s a sub-set of the population who won’t be watching. We learn why Native Americans are sensitive to an eclipse and believe it’s a time of reflection and a time to be indoors.
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Astrologer: Everyone Will ‘Feel’ The Eclipse

When the earth, moon and the sun line up for a solar eclipse on Monday it seems the stars will align as well!
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DIY how to make solar eclipse glasses in 5 minutes to look into the sun!

Easy way to make a solar eclipse glass. Tested myself without any issue. Make sure the coat is thick enough, do a quick test and darken more if necessary. Use caution and do at your own risk. Easy way to look at the sun.
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How We Will React to the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse | The New Yorker

Bob Baer, the co-chair of Southern Illinois University’s Solar Eclipse Steering Committee, speaks about the upcoming total solar eclipse, on August 21st.

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How We Will React to the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse | The New Yorker

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