Shelter dog sits on friend at the shelter in hopes that they’ll be adopted together

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Meet Bonnie and Clyde, the inseparable rescue doggies who, above everything else, just want to be together. The canines are so close, that Clyde, the smaller dog, can usually be found sitting on Bonnie – and the larger pooch doesn’t seem to mind.

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It Looks Like This Dog Got Stung By A Bee, But The Truth Is So Much Crueler

Source: Viralnova
Credit: Facebook / Rescue Dogs Rock NYC
Here’s hoping this adorable, happy girl has found a forever home with a family who adores her. If you’d like to help the organization in their efforts to save, rehabilitate, and rehome dogs, you can donate (

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Owner Told His Dog To Sit And Stay. The Rest Of His Story Will Break Your Heart

Credit: Facebook / Inna Portnoy
While it’s no surprise that our four-legged friends love and care for us, they really can’t be bothered in the command department. But of course, there are outliers. Some dogs are so loyal to their humans that they’d do absolutely anything they asked. The dog in this tragic story loved his owner so much that he would’ve waited for him in the same spot forever.

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Dog Cries When He Realizes His Family Left Him At The Shelter

When a high-kill shelter received this pit bull, nobody expected the emotional roller coaster he took them on. When one person offered Blue King (Blue for short) a treat, he sniffed it, but didn’t eat it. The only thing Blue did was cry behind the bars of his kennel door. Additionally, tears were dripping from his eyes, and some speculate that it was due to allergies.

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Husky In Labor Gets Emergency Ride Out of Shelter

Credit: Facebook/Texas Sled Dog Rescue
When Debbie showed up to an animal shelter in Edinburg, Texas she was sad, scared, and noticeably pregnant. A shelter is no place for a mama-to-be, so volunteer Jennifer Taylor used her connections to get Debbie into a foster home with Texas Sled Dog Rescue.
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Couple Makes Their Huskies Best Man And Maid Of Honor For Their Wedding And It’s Adorable

Dogs are like family members – so much so, that this couple decided to make their dogs very much a part of their wedding celebration. They chose their canines to be their best man and maid of honor, and their wedding pics turned out to be absolutely pawsome!

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