Sex Workers Endangered By New Anti Sex Trafficking Bill

I co-produced this video with my classmate Tamsen Maloy about an anti sex trafficking bill that will endanger sex workers.

Interview With Captured Isis Commander | Stacey Dooley: Face To Face With Isis

Stacey accompanies former 23 year-old Isis sex slave Shireen as she returns to the place where she was imprisoned in Mosul, before coming face to face with a jailed Isis commander who claims to have killed 900 people and raped over 200 women.

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Virgins for sale in Colombia in ‘world’s biggest brothel’

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The barrios of Medellin are controlled by criminals and are full of prostitutes, with virgins commanding the highest prices. Guillermo Galdos meets one woman who fears for her daughter’s future.

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Sex trafficking in Mumbai:

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UK Border Force – Funniest interview ever with transgender Canadian woman

This is the funniest interview I have seen on UK Border Force. Transgendered woman ariving at London Heathrow from Canada.
Channel: Aaron Winfield
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Sex workers take steroids – Bangladeshi sex workers ‘plump up’ for clients | Guardian Investigations

Sex workers in Bangladesh, some as young as 12, are putting their health at risk by taking a drug to make themselves fatter so they are more attractive to clients. Their madams feed them steroids also used to make cows gain weight.
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Python vs Alligator 01 — Real Fight — Python attacks Alligator

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Burmese pythons have an established permanent breeding population in South Florida and belong to the “new” apex predators of the Everglades today. Top predators like the american crocodiles and american alligators prey regularly on all kinds of reptiles, including pythons. An adult alligator will have little trouble to overpower, kill and eat any juvenile and in some cases even an adult constrictor. Nevertheless, a fully grown Burmese Python can reach over twenty feet in lengths and becomes extremely dangerous prey item for most crocodilians including the American Alligator. These large constrictors have not much to fear and will feed on most animals they come across (including alligators) when hungry. Python vs Alligator was filmed by Heiko Kiera aka Ojatro near the Everglades in 2009.

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