Scientists find novel way to save endangered species

A team of researchers have discovered a new technique to help protect endangered species in the Australian desert. Report by Daniel O’donnel.

5 Pets Who Saved Their Owners Lives!

5 Animals That Saved Peoples Lives!


Its verified that animals protects us better than any humans. Not only from thieves, but from our own death. And best of all is that they do it unconsciously without asking anything in return. That’s what makes them special. With this said Top 5 Supreme shows you 5 Pets That Saved Their Owner´s Lives. Lets Roll!


If you ever been close to a goose, you’ll know they are not very friendly. (The reason for this is because the Mom Goose feels that humans are a threat to their babies.) That is why they usually attack us. (on this next video we are going to see how a dog protects a kid from getting atacked by a goose). Here it is!


(in 2010 a family in alaska) were in big danger as they were trapped inside their burning house. There was no way to get out of there. But the family dog decided to be a hero and chase after a police patrol to guide them to the house on fire. If it wasnt for this dog, it would have been imposible for the family to stay alive. (Now thats fascinating). heres the video!


On this video we can actually see how this family cat protects a kid from two aligators. If i told you this little cat is a big hero, i think you wouldnt believe me. Because we all know these pets are very independent and lazy. But this one is not just a normal cat, this pet took out his bad temper with these a lligators. The most shocking thing about this, is that the cat could have been a perfect meal. Heres the video!


(In 2015 a security camera captures the moment when someone tries to enter this mans house.) Suddenly the dog began to attack the thief until he decides to run away. As we can see the dog is trained since he doesnt chase the man, he stays inside just in case theres another thief around the house. Heres the video!


This video was recorded in 2014, the kid was playing by the drive way minding his own bussiness when all of a sudden something unexpected ocurred. The neighbors dog start attacking the kid on the bike dragging him by the leg. The kid got some tooth marks but now hes fully recovered. Lets just say the childs cats is a big hero in this story. If it wasnt for this little cat, something worst could have happened. With all this said here you have the video!

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