Safari Live – Day 257 | National Geographic

Join us on a LIVE African safari in the Maasai Mara as experts guide us through the bush in search of lions, elephants, buffalo and more wild animals. Join the discussions on social with #safariLIVE!
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National Geographic is the world’s premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what’s possible.

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Safari Live – Day 257 | National Geographic

National Geographic

Eagle Documentary National Geographic Full QUEEN OF THE SKIES

Eagle Documentary National Geographic Full HD – QUEEN OF THE SKIES. There are 60 members of the eagle clan, all united by their acute eyesight, broad, .

The Leopard Queen [Nat Geo Wild Documentary] Welcome To My Channel Documentary, We share information only for educational purposes Subscribe & Join .

Documentary – The American Bald Eagle – National Geographic Docuemntary 2015 Full HD National Geographic Channel (also commercially abbreviated and .

National Geographic Eagle Queen the Skies.

Channel: Most Amazing Animals
Published: 2015-10-03 17:18:05
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National Geographic Megafactories – Coca-Cola

A Documentary about the No.1 softdrink company in the world.
Channel: Rommel Gonzales
Published: 2012-07-03 23:38:38
Duration: 45M10S
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See What Canyon Life Is Like for a Navajo Pageant Winner | Short Film Showcase

Arizona’s Canyon de Chelly National Monument is a place where many Navajo families come to reconnect with their roots.
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The Short Film Showcase spotlights exceptional short videos created by filmmakers from around the web and selected by National Geographic editors. We look for work that affirms National Geographic’s belief in the power of science, exploration, and storytelling to change the world. The filmmakers created the content presented, and the opinions expressed are their own, not those of National Geographic Partners.

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The area was once inhabited by Ancient Puebloans and some believe that the ancestral spirits still remain. Every year, sisters Tonisha and Tonielle Draper spend time in the Canyon learning about their Navajo heritage from their father and grandmother. In this short film from the National Park Experience, watch Tonisha share her knowledge in the Miss Central Navajo Pre-Teen pageant and continue the tribe’s traditions for another generation.

National Parks Experience:

Credits: Directed and produced by Dana Romanoff ( Amy Marquis; edited by Greg Snider (Blue Chalk Media); cinematography by Dana Romanoff and Jason Greene (Blue Chalk Media); audio mix by Mike Cramp (Postmodern Company).

See What Canyon Life Is Like for a Navajo Pageant Winner | Short Film Showcase

National Geographic

Channel: National Geographic
Published: 2017-07-14 19:11:40
Duration: 13M47S
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Longevity & Why I now eat One Meal a Day

Why has Nutrition been so complicated? This video tells the story about why 3 meals a day is unnecessary and how eating ONE meal a day can make being healthy much simpler.
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[Had a lot of great questions so I made a FAQ!]

[based on this blog post of mine▶︎ ]

0:00 – Our Complicated Health Environment
2:09 – How are Humans Supposed to Eat?
4:26 – Our Environment Chose How we Eat
6:06 – Why maintaining Blood Sugar is unnecessary & Harmful
8:26 – Ketosis, our Premium fuel source
10:10 – Health Benefits of Fasting
12:45 – My path to One Meal a Day

■2:18 – Elon Musk interview with Kevin Rose
■3:00 – Michio Kaku interview with Big Think
■4:32 – Almazan’s Kitchen for the awesome clip
■5:45 – Doug McGuff talk at 21 Convention in Florida
■8:15 – Peter Attia’s TED talk
■11:14 – Mark Mattson’s TEDx Talk

Other credits:
10:15 – Artwork by Quotefancy

What do I eat for my meal? Usually a variant of this: (This is from a year back – now I eat less meat, less eggs and less fruit [skip the carrot too]) Also, the gif makes it look like I eat a massive quantity of food, but it’s simply showing “before preparation” and “after preparation” (the purple looking drink is simply the vegetables blended up)

Most of my references are covered in the blog post above, if there is anything missing please let me know!

Let go of the food pyramid.

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Channel: What I’ve Learned
Published: 2016-07-27 10:36:36
Duration: 16M9S
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The Moon is Artificial and I Can Prove It: Alien Observatory

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No doubt you’ve heard some of the completely unexplainable stories about the moon. There are the enigmatic structures that made front-page news of major new publications… but were then dismissed from all media, and even photo-shopped out of photos. There are the strange “lunar wave” videos of recent years, which seem to show the moon’s image actually jumping – as though it were a projected hologram; and.. you only need to search YouTube to see hundreds of entirely credible videos of strange lights, flurries, and unidentified flying aircraft departing and landing on the surface of the moon.
Yet, the US supposedly quit landing on the moon in 1973, was our every scientific question answered? Why are these credible testimonies ignored… or dismissed? Could there be more to that ball in the sky than meets the eye

If you research the moon, you might be surprised. Its reference in ancient history, its perfect geometrical symmetry, astronaut testimonies, all seem to point to only one logical conclusion: that our moon is most likely a hollowed out structure, and an artificial satellite, that was intentionally placed into Earth’s orbit only a few hundred thousand years ago – and that the advanced engineers accomplished this intending not only to influence the Earth’s biology but to oversee and control her inhabitants.

Written & Narrated by E. Firestone

Scenes from History Channel’s Ancient Aliens were used under Fair Use

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