Safari Live – Day 243 | Nat Geo Wild

Join us on a LIVE African safari in the Maasai Mara, Sabi Sand, and Kruger National Park as experts guide us through the bush in search of lions, elephants, buffalo and more wild animals. Join the discussions on social with #safariLIVE!
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Safari Live – Day 243 | Nat Geo Wild

Nat Geo Wild

Bandits Of Selous [Mongoose Documentary] | Wild Things

These little rascals do what it takes to survive.

In the Selous game reserve in Tanzania, a brave bunch of banded mongooses fight to survive amidst an army of killers. These small mammals are surprisingly adept at dealing with their larger neighbours, are constantly on the lookout for predators and have been known to fight off eagles and kill cobras. We follow a mongoose pack as they are tested to the limit, living under constant threat from predators and the harsh African weather.

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Channel: Wild Things
Published: 2018-02-21 09:04:48
Duration: 50M
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Удивительные случаи спасения из лап хищников!!! …

Невероятные истории спасения животных от хищников!!! …
Channel: Ulivаnov
Published: 2018-02-01 10:15:04
Duration: 11M11S
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Top 10 Luckiest Discoveries That Made People Rich

Some people get rich through hard work and extreme talent. You could also rob a bank. Or, you could get really lucky, like the people we’re about to meet here. Here are our Top 10 luckiest discoveries that made people rich.
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Be Amazed at these Top 10 luckiest discoveries that made people rich! The wall of coins – In Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, the walls are made of candy. In this house in Windber, Pennsylvania, the walls were made of money. Things dug up in Australia – If you’re watching in Australia, it may be worth investing in a metal detector and a shovel, because you can find some seriously valuable stuff underground down under. The Third Imperial Egg – An anonymous man in the Midwest of the US was scraping a modest living buying metal objects and selling them for scrap.

Mo’ money mo’ problems – This is a story of how greed can cause a large fortune to turn into a small fortune pretty quickly. It’s also another story of a wall full of money. 1974 D-Penny – When he died, a Denver Mint employee left his son Randy a small coin collection. Rare paintings – What’s in your attic? Mine’s full of a load of junk. So was the attic of Norwegian businessman Christian Nicolai Mustad, or so he thought. Action Comics #1 – What is it about walls? So far we’ve found coins and treasure chests hidden in walls. A hoard, not a hammer – You know what it’s like when you can’t find something? The Declaration of Independence – In 1989, a man in Pennsylvania bought a painting at a garage sale for $4. He hated the painting, but liked the frame, so removed the picture to put a new one inside. Coke shares – Do you go to garage sales? After you hear this story, you might want to go more often. In 2008 , California man Tony Marohn paid $5 for a box stuffed with random documents.

Channel: BE AMAZED
Published: 2018-02-08 10:36:24
Duration: 11M45S
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War for territory . Lions and petulants / Nat Geo Wild 2018 HD

War for territory . Lions and petulants / Nat Geo Wild 2018 HD
Channel: Wild Nature Channel
Published: 2018-02-23 01:08:43
Duration: 25M17S
Views: 940176
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7 Real Places On Earth That Seem Scientifically Impossible

From the mysterious well that converts everything into stones In Knaresborough in North Yorkshire to the never ending lighting strorm in In Western Venezuela over the Catatumbo River, Here are 7 Real Places On Earth That Seem Scientifically Impossible

Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Channel: Mind Boggler
Published: 2018-05-08 18:56:21
Duration: 6M42S
Views: 12069359
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