Safari Adventure in SINGAPORE ZOO , River Safari [HD Pics] All animals

A quick summary of Singapore Zoo & River Safari [HD Pics] All animals. Here some pics of Animals like Polar bear, giant panda, red panda, Lemur, saki monkey, Komodo dragon, Pelican, Hyena, Electric eel, mongoose, otter, African lion, Mandrill, Pygmy hippo etc. Asia’s best Wildlife Park in Singapore.

Singapore River Safari Amazon River Quest

Singapore River Safari, Amazon River Quest.
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The Amazon River Quest @ River Safari Singapore (Full Ride, 1080p)


Taken at the River Safari yesterday using my iPhone. If you look closely not all the animals are out for display so no bad comments please. The main animals there are the Giant Anteater, Brazilian Tapir and Jaguar (The Brazilian tapir and the Giant anteater aren’t out on display sadly.) Also at several parts the video there’s some lag so just bear with me, I’m gonna do a retake when I get my new camcorder. Enjoy the full ride and leave your feedback on my videography!






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Night Safari, Singapore, HD Experience

My blog review of Night Safari is here:

I took a trip to the Night Safari one evening, as it was actually something I had not experienced before. I thought it was a good concept, but it is so dark that it makes photography and videography almost impossible. I didn’t bother queuing for the Tram, though I enjoyed a good 45 minutes walking around in the park, and liked the Malayan Tigers and Lions, but by the time I got to the leopards the night had fallen and I couldn’t see. I wouldn’t pay S$39 to enter again.

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Awesome Animals at Singapore Zoo

Kaycee & Rachel enjoyed seeing cool animals in Singapore Zoo!

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Safari Adventure in SINGAPORE ZOO , River Safari and SEA Aquarium – playtime toys for kids

Skyheart is in Singapore Zoo to visit his favorite animals! We also rode the River Safari boat and see the fishes in SEA Aquarium! Skyheart had a lot of fun interacting with the lion, tiger, zebra, bear, giraffe, hippo, panda, otter, dogs, rabbits, kangaroo, birds and many more animals.

Singapore Zoo is located in Jurong, Singapore… besides the Jurong Bird park, Night Safari and River Safari. There are a lot of animals and families with kids can enjoy here. 🙂

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