Rescue Poor Dog Attacking By 100’s Of Tick Give Food and Treatment

Rescue Poor Dog Attacking By 100’s Of Tick Give Food and Treatment

Man rescue poor dog from poor homeland.
He rescue and wash and give food.
It is a good dog.
He love this dog very much.
He want to shows you about his love.

Two dogs in the sewer cried for help until someone heard them!!!

Winn and Dixie were so lucky that Citlaly Rodriguez and Isaac Barajas heard their cry for help down in the L.A river, and called Hope For Paws for help.

When Loreta Frankonyte and I arrived, we worked with these two awesome kids and together we completed this rescue mission.

Thank you Wags and Walks for finding them such an amazing home!

We just posted another new video, but you’ll have to go to our website to see it:



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He was almost frozen to the ground – Stray Rescue of St.Louis

Rescue is often not pretty. He was so matted he was nearly frozen to the ground. We named this sweet boy Pilgrim.
As soon as he got to our trauma center we shaved off 5.6 pounds of icy, matted hair. Once we could see his back legs, they appeared to be injured. Sadly, the x-rays show a broken pelvis along with other bone fractures. We’re not sure how old his injury is, but we’ll need to raise medical funding for his surgery as quick as possible. This sweet boy is only 2 years old and deserves to have his second chance.
He is warm, safe, and on medications to help with his pain.
If you can help him, please give to:
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Primitive Technology: Bird Trap – Finding and cooking Biggest Birds In The World – Eating delicious

Primitive Technology : Girl Make Bird Trap – Finding and cooking Biggest Bird In The World – Eating delicious
Channel: Primitive Cooking KT
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[LIVE] Incredible Big Cats Hunting Skills including Lions Cheetah Tiger Jaguar Leopard

[LIVE] Incredible Big Cats Hunting Skills including Lions Cheetah Tiger Jaguar Leopard
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Ear Cleaning With Calm Music for Relaxing # 34

Channel: Dr Wang Ear Clean
Published: 2019-01-05 11:52:44
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