Puzzles for Toddlers: Kids Learn Animals, Numbers – Fun Educational Games for Toddlers

“Kids Puzzles Animals & Numbers” is one of our fun educational games for kids, in which your baby learns to collect puzzles, gets acquainted with different animals, learn numbers and develops logics and reasoning.
Here are the main advantages and features of our puzzle games for kids:
– There are 10 animal puzzles in our kids puzzle games with numbers for kids. In our puzzle games your baby will learn a lion, a cow, a giraffe, a horse, a rabbit, a dog, a pig, a penguin, a zebra and a hippo.
– Playing the animal puzzle games your kid will also find numbers game which provides learning numbers for kindergarten interactive. Learning numbers for preschoolers includes the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. Gathering bright puzzles games your baby will learn what kids numbers and math are.
– 123 learning numbers and baby puzzles with animals are available in four languages – English, Russian, Spanish and French. All the names of animals and kids numbers are clearly pronounced by native speakers with perfect pronunciation. Learning the names of 123 kids and animals in different languages will help in the further study of foreign languages in kindergarten and/or at school.
– There are elements of different size in the toddler puzzles, so they can be regarded as baby puzzles for two year old, and kids puzzles 3 and 4 years old. Anyway, all our puzzles for toddlers are puzzles for kids under 5.
– We’ve got the most interesting puzzles for kids of both sexes: our baby puzzle games can be easily referred to as toddler puzzles for girls and/or toddler puzzles for boys. Let your baby choose any animal jigsaw puzzles and kids number games he or she likes.
– You can download our puzzle games for free. Our free puzzles games are very bright, beautiful and they are one of our best educational games for kids in which your baby will learn animals for toddlers. Moreover, free counting numbers for kindergarteners and animals puzzles in one app is a great choice for families with a modest budget. Choose only the best number learning games for kids for free for your toddler!
What can your kid learn while playing this kids puzzle games for toddlers?
– Fruitful images of picture puzzles for free with 123 games for kids free will show your child what kinds of animals for kids exist.
– Such kids learning games as animal puzzles for toddlers and counting games for kids for free contribute greatly to the development of attention concentration skills and persistence.
– Jigsaw puzzles for kids with counting numbers reinforce the cognitive skills of your baby such as shape recognition and memory.
– Kids puzzle games for toddlers with numbers for toddlers free teach young children to solve problems and think critically.
– Toddler puzzle games learning how to count numbers develop logical thinking.
– Puzzle games toddler plays make his or her imagination and visualization stronger.
– Puzzle games for kids kindergarten free cultivate creativity.
– Fun puzzle games and number games for toddlers for free exercise fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
Our puzzles games free can be regarded as:
– puzzle games free for 2 year olds;
– toddler puzzles free for 3 year olds;
– puzzle games for kids 4 years old;
– kids puzzles 5 years old.
Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.oki.puzzles

Fun Naughty Baby Care Kids Games – Play & Learn Doctor Crazy Nursery Cartoon Colors Game for Girls

Fun Baby Care – Kids Learn Play Doctor Crazy Nursery Cartoon Game for Toddlers – Doctor Kids Games – Educational Game for Children – Crazy Nursery – Baby Care

Downloads Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tabtale.crazynursery

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Play Fun Cooking Sushi Kids Game – Learn to Prepare Tasty Food TO-FU Oh!SUSHI Kitchen Toddlers Game

Play Fun Cooking Sushi Kids Game – Learn to Prepare Tasty Food TO-FU Oh!SUSHI Fun Kitchen Game for Toddlers – Sushi Master Yummy Foods Kids Games
Prepare your own fun sushi with “Daizu” the skunk!
This app is designed to allow children to be creative by decorating their original sushi. Serve your delicious, mysterious or impossible sushi to the people of “Tofu Island”!
Kids will learn to prepare tasty food, fun learn sushi kitchen for kids and toddlers. TO-FU Oh!SUSHI fun play cooking game.

– Download game on Google Play : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.smarteducation.tofusushi&pageId=116547665778537200190
– Download game on iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/ag/app/to-fu-oh!sushi/id1131656141?mt=8

SMART EDUCATION, LTD. website – http://smarteducation.jp/

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Colourful Perschool Learn Kids Games | Fun Puzzles Games for Baby or Toddlers

Zuzu’s Bananas: A Monkey Preschool Game by Thup Games Play Fun Colourful Preschool Learn Kids Games Fun Puzzles and more games for Baby, Toddlers or Children

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Monkey Preschool has gone bananas! Join Zuzu, Mr. Clocks and a bunch of dancing bananas in a colorful collection of over 50 wacky games and surprising puzzles. Starring an enormous cast of lovable characters, Zuzu’s Bananas is a free-wheeling arcade where little gamers pop popcorn, teach rabbits how to share, and help keep monsters out of the rain.

-Over 50 unique games designed to involve creative thinking, working memory and expose little ones to basic logic and time management challenges.
-Friendly, happy-go-lucky Zuzu plays along, offering encouragement and celebrating discoveries!
-Kids play with an enormous collection of lovable characters in a beautiful and stimulating arcade environment.
-Dancing Bananas! Kid’s collect bananas as they play and when they get enough it’s time for a… BANANA DANCE!
-Designed for Kids: No confusing menus or navigation.
-Thup’s “Knack” system which automatically adjusts the difficulty of the game as your child plays.

Download Link
Play Android : https://goo.gl/c0WRBj
Play iOS : http://apple.co/2myB1ER

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Magic NUMBERS 1 to 0 by BabyBus Fun Kids App | Preschool Education for Children

Magic NUMBERS 1 to 0 by BabyBus Fun Kids App | Preschool Education for Children

Download the app on AppStore – https://goo.gl/ylzsYK

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Welcome to an Universe of Numbers! Magic numbers is an intuitive and educational game for your baby or toddler! Kids will enjoy learning to write numbers with cute activities. Play with our Panda Games and join the fun!

Fun features:
– Discover the hidden numbers;
– Write, write and write them again!
– Memorize and learn numbers through this wonderful adventure!

Your children should start to learn what numbers are and how to write them before they begin kindergarten. Start exposing kids to numbers and integrate numbers into kids’ everyday activities, this will make them learn faster. Parents and teachers should focus on teaching numbers as soon as possible and this game is the perfect tool to do so.

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Halloween Songs for Children and Kids – Ten Scary Steps

This spooky Halloween song for children presents Little Red Riding Hood taking some very scary steps to get to grandma’s house. The big bad wolf, a monster, a witch and more make this Halloween video a spooky treat! The littlest trick-or-treaters can join in the fun and count to ten while they enjoy a few spooky surprises along the way. View lyrics for The Halloween Song below or turn on closed captions to sing along. Thanks for watching and Happy Halloween!


Google+: https://www.google.com/+katiecutiekidsTV


The Wheels on the Bus: http://youtu.be/zFHBfFAmcbc

Old Macdonald Had a Farm: http://youtu.be/Qj06Tuk0b2s

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: http://youtu.be/9LMhqu1DCh4

Bingo: http://youtu.be/ZNbvZcbCUzM

Row Row Row Your Boat: http://youtu.be/UkEfHDV2VvY

Animal Sounds Song: http://youtu.be/BuqgggSwfpY

Song written by: Denisa Senovsky
Vocals by: Denisa Senovsky,
Music production: Michael Creber, Denisa Senovsky
Illustrations by: Denisa Senovsky
Video Editor: Nina Helene Hirten – http://ojpstudios.com
Copyright: Katie Cutie Entertainment


One step, two step, three step
Four step, five step, six step
Seven step, eight step, nine step
Ten scary steps to grandma’s house
One step, two step, three step
Four step, five step, six step
Seven step, eight step, nine step
Ten scary steps to grandma’s house
“Knock, knock! Trick or treat?”
Ten scary steps to grandma’s house

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