Purina® Pro Plan® Prime Plus® Cat Food for Ages 7+

At around age 7, a cat’s body begins to change. And while those changes may not always be noticeable, they can affect different aspects of a cat’s overall health, including the immune system, digestive system, skin condition, lean muscle mass or body weight.

The experts at Purina® Pro Plan® wanted to better understand the difference nutrition can make in cats age 7 and older. In a 9-year study, the nutrient blend in Prime Plus® was proven to improve and extend the lives of cats age 7 and older. (Findings based on cats exclusively fed a complete diet with the proprietary blend vs. cats fed the complete and balanced diet alone.)

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Full Fetch It Competition – 2016 Purina® Pro Plan® Incredible Dog Challenge® Western Regionals

Here is the full Fetch It competition at the 2016 Incredible Dog Challenge Western Regionals hosted by Purina Pro Plan. See the incredible action from Huntington Beach, CA.

For more on this incredible competition and the nutrition that fuels it, visit https://www.incredibledogchallenge.com.

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7 things you should know before buying a bengal cat

Bengal cats are recommended for “experienced” cat owners. Here are seven reasons why. I followed our 9 month old Bengal kitten Kimba around for a couple of days, filming some of his unique habits.
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20 Bizarre Hybrid Animal That Actually Exist

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The List Includes

20.The Blood Parrot Cichlid
19.The Kangaroo Hybrid
18.The Savannah Cat
17.The Wholphin
16.The Mule
15.The Blacktip Shark
14.The Beefalo
13.The Coydog
12.The ��ubro��
11.The Dzo
10.The Mulard
9.The Geep
8.The Tion
7.The Jaglion
6.The Leopon
5.The Zorse
4.The Zony
3.The Zonkey
2.The Cama
1.The Grolar Bear

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5 APARTMENT CAT TIPS! (tips for enriching your cat’s environment)


What’s up pet people!

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oh and this Buzzfeed video is full of great DIY ideas for cat owners:

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Lion Sees His Adoptive Dad After 7 Years – Truly Heart-warming

Lion Sees His Adoptive Dad After 7 Years – Truly Heart-warming. Beautiful video of a lion seeing its owner after a long time of being separated. Animals seeing their owner after years of time. Lions sees its adoptive dad after being separated for 7 years. Truly amazing. Best animal video ever!

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