Puppy Party! C.A.R.E. (Critter Adoption & Rescue Effort)

Thank you for inviting us to the puppy party!
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Please watch: “eBay Scam Update – PROBLEM SOLVED?? + Fan Mail! ”

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Wild Baby Animal Rescues That Will Make You Smile Compilation | The Dodo Best Of

Wild Baby Animal Rescues That Will Make You Smile Compilation | December 4th marks Wildlife Conservation Day! To honor this very special and important holiday, we have pulled together some of our favorite baby wildlife rescue videos. For more information on these videos, see below. And if you’re interested in learning more about the amazing work that the Wildlife Conservation Society does to protect animal species around the globe, check out their platform here: https://www.wcs.org/.

Orphaned Kangaroo Loves Her Rescuer

Baby Otter Reunited With His Family In The Wild | Video by Mario Orcon

Squirrel Who Fell Out Of A Tree Finds The Perfect Family

Rescued Baby Foxes Are Growing Up Together | To help this rescuer save more foxes like Foxy and Micro, you can support Howling Mountain Wildlife Rescue: http://thedo.do/howling. You can also supply them with an item from their wishlist: http://thedo.do/hmr.

Baby Humpback Whale Rescued From Beach | To help these rescuers save more whales, you can support Humpbacks & High-Rises: http://thedo.do/humpbacks.

Baby Rhino Who Lost Her Mom Is Growing Up Big And Strong | To sponsor the ongoing care of Khanya the rescued rhino, you can support the Care For Wild Africa rhino sanctuary: http://thedo.do/cfwa.

Baby Coyotes Get Help From The Nicest Rescuers | To help these rescuers save more animals, you can support Wildlife Emergency Services (http://thedo.do/wes) and Native Animal Rescue: http://thedo.do/native.

Brave Baby Elephant Is Rescued After Losing His Mom | Orphaned elephants under the care of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust are reintegrated into a fully protected wild area; click here to support their vital conservation work: http://thedo.do/dswt

Guy Helps Lost Baby Sea Turtles Get To The Ocean

Baby Chimps Stolen To Be Pets Are Freed | To sponsor the ongoing care of rescued chimpanzees, you can support the Jane Goodall Institute’s Tchimpounga Sanctuary (http://thedo.do/goodall), the Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Centre (http://thedo.do/primates), and the Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary: http://thedo.do/sweetwaters. To help save endangered wildlife, you can support Project CAT: http://thedo.do/projectcat.

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Thrift Store 🔥🔥 – Salvation Army eBay Haul Video – Reseller Vlog | RALLI ROOTS

Another awesome 50% off day at our local salvation army! Lots of goodies. Vintage, high end, bread & butter 😉 Everything going to ebay. $52 spent for $700+ in potential sales! Work with us! http://www.ralliroots.com/

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Please watch: “eBay Scam Update – PROBLEM SOLVED?? + Fan Mail! ”

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Rescued a homeless pregnant dog + newborn 8 puppies. Please share so we can find them new home!

Please make a small donation and help us to provide food and better conditions for 350 rescued dogs in our shelter:


Please watch a video of our shelter here: https://goo.gl/gqMzyS
Website: https://goo.gl/K7xUHN
FB Page: https://goo.gl/TeXHsb
#DogRescue #PregnantDog #NewBornPuppies #PuppyVideos #PuppyRescue

Channel: Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac
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