Play Fun Baby Panda Furry Pet Care Hospital – Let’t Take Care OF Cute Pet Animals – Games For Kids

Furry Pet Hospital
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hese poor pets are in trouble. The bunny caught a cold because she kept kicking off the blanket at night. The panda fell off the tree and got a broken leg. The dog is such a foodie that he has dental problems. Come on! The animals are waiting to be treated. With your superb medical skills and love for them, it’s sure that they’ll get fully recovered very soon!

– 6 adorable animals and 12 treatment tasks
Each furry pet with two tasks adds more fun to the game. Try your best to help them, doctor!
– Vivid animation shows the patient’s condition
You need to figure out how the patient get hurt and how terrible the condition is before you treat it.
– Keep working to complete the random tasks
Check how many patients you’ve got today and you can start a new day to skip it.
– Earn more loving hearts to upgrade the hospital
After the treatment, you’ll be awarded with loving hearts with which you can exchange for decorations to make the hospital a better place.

Sweet Baby Girl Cleanup 5 – Messy House Makeover Kids Game – Fun Cleaning Games For Girls

Sweet Baby Girl Cleanup 5 – Messy House Makeover By TutoTOONS

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Baby Panda’s Brave Jobs – Kids Learn How To Be A Policeman, Fireman, Astronaut With Babybus Games

Baby Panda’s Brave Jobs By BabyBus Kids Games

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A new day has begun, which job would you like to try? Come here! Baby panda has all brave jobs for you!

What do you want to be when you grow up? Policeman, doctor, firefighter or astronaut? Freely choose from different brave jobs and enjoy the chance to help others with our baby panda!

Different job has different clothes and props! Dress up and begin your work! Learn how to use professional equipment!

Put out fires, catch thieves and help citizens, go into space, bandage wounds…. Stick to it and complete your task with baby panda.

♥ Four job themes: Policeman, doctor, fireman, and astronaut.
♥ Different costumes: Police uniforms, white coats, fireman uniforms, spacesuits…
♥ 20+ props: Handcuffs, thermometers, fire extinguishers, helmets…
♥ Job tasks: Launch a rocket, catch thieves, drive a fire engine, bandage wounds…
♥ Fun and interactive job games help improve your professional cognition.


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Настя ждёт Микки и Минни Маус и готовит на детской игровой кухне

К Насте в гости едут её друзья, но по пути у них случается происшествие. Настя отправляется на помощь.
Инстаграмм Насти

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Sasha pretend play with dress up and make up toys

Sasha is going to go to the pony party, but she does not have a beautiful dress. The magic pony helps her to be beautiful. Sasha asks Max for advice on which dress to wear.

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[NEW]Shaun The Sheep 2018 #Oil Painting #Best Clever And Naughty Sheeps

[NEW]Shaun The Sheep 2018 #Oil Painting #Best Clever And Naughty Sheeps
#shaunthesheep #oilpainting #cleversheep #naughtysheep
Channel: Bony toys
Published: 2018-12-09 05:48:59
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