Play Animal Hair Salon Australia Pet Care – Wild Pet Animal Hair Salon Makeover Games For Girls

Animal Hair Salon Australia – Funny Pet Haircuts
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Welcome to the amazing world of animal hair salon games for girls and boys! Become the best hair and fashion stylist!

NEW! Meet your new Australian animal friend – adorable sugar glider Nibbles! Help Nibbles collect his favourite candies and run away from furious birds!

Crazy Animal Hair Salon goes to sunny Australia! Pack your hairstyling tools and get ready for new pet fashion makeovers. Meet the cute hair salon clients – leopard Amy, baby koala Maggie, kangaroo Sydney and snake Crystal. Help your new friends express themselves through style with crazy haircuts, beautiful makeup and fashionable outfits!

Fun Princess Makeover Kids Games – Princess Gloria Ice Salon – Play Beauty Makeover Dress Up Games

Princess Gloria Ice Salon – Frozen Beauty Makeover
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Help beautiful Princess Gloria and charming Prince Adrian prepare for their winter concert in the frozen kingdom. Bath, give spa treatments, style hair, do makeup, dress up, play music and sing!

Winter is an enchanting time for Princess Gloria and Prince Adrian to perform. But first, they need your help to get ready! Do makeup for Princess Gloria, wash, dye and comb her hair, and choose the perfect dress for the concert. Don’t forget Prince Adrian, he needs your attention too! Bath, shave, style hair and design the best outfit for him. Use as many colors, styles and designs as you wish! When the frozen beauty makeover is over, play music and sing along with Princess Gloria and Prince Adrian!

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Steve and Maggie Racing throught a Wild Animal Safari | Learn English Kids in English funny stories

This funny esl video story for children introduces and drills wild animals. Steve and Maggie are on Safari. Steve takes pictures of different animals like tiger, lion or crocodile while Maggie drives a car. She is so scared that she uses her magic to get home. And what about Steve? Is he happy to leave the Safari so early? Will they go back? Let´s see.
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Минимульты Говорящий Том 2019 – Летняя забава на пляже с говорящая Ангела & Говорящий Том

Говорящий Том и говорящая Ангела – Летняя забава на пляже
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LARVA – CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 🎄 Cartoon Movie | Cartoons For Children | Larva Cartoon | LARVA Official


🐌 SEASON 1 – Storm Drain 🐌
Red and Yellow, two strange Larva who live underneath a storm drain, encounter many surprises which fall from the outside world to their underground universe. For these two wriggly friends, anything is a good excuse for fun. See the world from Red and Yellow’s point of view, and experience what a dangerous and exciting place the world can be for such small friends.

Eager to explore the world above, Red & Yellow squat in an old house stuck between high-rise buildings in the big city. Exploring their new home and meeting new creatures means more laughs for the comic duo. Sometimes they fight. Sometimes they find themselves in trouble together. A story of two cute and hilarious larva.

Now it’s the New York City. Watch Red and Yellow’s incredible abilities while they explore the city. A whole new adventure in a bigger scale! The exciting survival story of two little Larva in New York.

💛 Yellow 💛
Yellow is a dimwitted and happy-go-lucky yellow colored larva with an antenna. Yellow is always abused by Red, but that never endangers their friendship. Although usually he obeys Red, he loses his mind in front of food.
❤️ Red ❤️
Red is a mostly hot-tempered and greedy red colored larva. His specialty is shouting and kicking like Bruce Lee. He is always showing off and abusing Yellow, but he often ends up hurting himself instead.
💜 Violet 💜
Violet is an oversized ghost slug. He is sometimes shown with his lower half buried in the ground. When he is threatened, he exposes his whole body and roars.
🚪 Brown 🚪
Brown is a cloying dung beetle that gathers poop. To him, poop is either his food or his treasure. He hates it when other insects touch his prized poop. He has a long strand of hair on his right cheek.
⚫️ Black ⚫️
Black is a horned atlas beetle that has great strength and is usually punching a cocoon (which he uses as punching bag). He’s aggressive and will beat up whoever he thinks is messing with him. In “Hello, Black” he turns out to be a slug wearing beetle armor.
🌈 Rainbow 🌈
Rainbow is a snail with a red and green shell. When in his shell, he’s slow in his action, but under that he has a muscular human-like body and can function like humans do.
💟 Pink 💟
Pink is a pink larva with two antennae. She is the only recurring female character. She loves Yellow but Red loves her. She hides a great strength behind her cute, beautiful face.

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CGI 3D Animated Short Film “Indice 50 Animated” by ESMA | CGMeetup

CGI 3D Animated Short Film: Indice 50 Animated Short Film by ESMA – Joseph Guene, Alexandre Belmudes, Damien Clef, Sylvain Amblard, Megame Fumel, Mathieu Peters-Houg. Featured on

CGI Animated Short Films:
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Index 50 Animated Short Film: A family arrives to a crowded beach to spend their holidays, however a mosquito will transform their wonderful day into hell.

Directors: Joseph Guene, Alexandre Belmudes, Damien Clef, Sylvain Amblard, Megame Fumel, Mathieu Peters-Houg
Music: Erwann Chandon
Sound: Jose Vicente & Yoann Poncet – Studio of the Airmeners

Animation film produced as part of the 3D animated film training of the school ESMA

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CGI 3D Animated Short Film “Indice 50 Animated” by ESMA | CGMeetup


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