Panda Lu Pet Care Kids Game – Panda Lu Baby Bear World – New Cute Pet Care Adventures By TutoTOONS

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Panda Lu Baby Bear World – New Cute & Fun Pet Care Adventures
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Babysit the most adorable baby panda Lu in this super fun pet care game for girls and boys, babies and toddlers, preschool kids and their parents! Explore panda Lu’s world and find new exciting activities on every corner. Help mommy panda feed and take care of chubby panda Lu in their lovely house! Dress up in cool and cute outfits! Find adventures in the park and at the supermarket! Enjoy fun and scary rides in Fun Park!

Sweet baby panda Lu is very curious and wants to experiment! Maybe the washing machine will make panda’s fur fluffy and soft! Maybe the car wash is super fun! Mud bath – sound exciting! And what about showering under the rain! So many fun options for sweet baby Lu! Let’s try them all!

Panda Lu is a true foodie! Make a delicious bamboo and berry mix, bake a warm cheesy pizza, grab colorful yummy ice cream in the park or maybe… offer baby Lu a hot chili pepper! Watch how differently panda Lu reacts to these dishes!

What can be more fun than Fun Park! Take an exciting ride on the park’s famous Roller Coaster and the super high Ferris Wheel. Visit a spooky Haunted House full of spiders, ghosts, witch’s potions and pumpkin lanterns! Play hide-and-seek with you cute animal friends in the park!

Don’t forget about your daily chores! Sort clothes and shoes in the panda’s messy room. Dress up panda Lu in cute clothes and costumes: unicorns, pirates, cupcakes and more! Be mommy’s little helper and go grocery shopping: buy vegetables and don’t forget about colorful candy treats! Change panda Lu’s smelly diapers and teach toilet and bathroom habits. Finally, help baby Lu fall asleep with Animal Hair Salon rock band music and a bottle of yummy milk.

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Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound!

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