Orange and white cat says, thank you for food and love

Orange and white cat says, thank you for food and affection

Top 25 Amazing Animals Got Talent Auditions (AGT) (BGT) Best 10 Funny Pets! Agility! Puppets!

Top 25 Amazing Animals Got Talent Auditions (AGT) (BGT) Best 10 Funny Pets! Agility! Puppets! America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent and Australia’s Got Talent, A Worldwide Got Talent Compilation Mix of the Very Best Ever Funny Animals including Cats Dogs Horses Parrots and Ventriloquists with their Funny Puppets, Funniest and Most Surprising Cat Card Trick Act and Clever Acrobatic Dancing and Singing Dog Acts and Tricks, the most Amazing Animal Agility Talents and Performances in the World on the Got Talent TV Shows with Official Golden Buzzer Guinness book of World Record Winner won by a dog bursting balloons, all rights to fremantlemedia, no copyright infringement intended and Remixed for entertainment purposes only, this Mix of Animal Got Talent video is ok for kids and family enjoyment and has been from different years of got talent shows, Uploaded New November 2016 for 2017 viewing, i hope you enjoy this Top 25 Talents mix more than a Top 10 Talent video, if you do please Like Share and Subscribe it for me and let me know your thoughts about it if you like in the comments, many of the talent acts are from First Auditions, and some from indonesia’s got talent first Audition Performance.
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40 Awesome Cat Facts to Understand Them Better

Cats have lived with humans for more than 4,000 years but we still don’t know everything about them because they are really mysterious creatures. Did you know that cats can make up to 100 different sounds? Or that they can’t taste sweets? Or that some ginger tabby cats have freckles around their mouth and even on their eyelids? And these aren’t the only surprising facts about cats you may have missed!

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What cat cannot be domesticated 0:34
How many sounds cats can make up 1:11
How old your сat is in human years 1:38
How cats sweat 2:14
A cat’s sense of smell 2:47
Why cats don’t like sweets 3:23
Do cats have belly buttons? 3:58
What cats bring prosperity and happiness 4:36
Do cats like music? 5:10
Feline mayor 5:57
The biggest cat mama 6:30
Cats with freckles 7:26
The first cat to go to space 7:57
The stationmaster cat 8:38
Cat intelligence 9:18
Good touch, bad touch 9:47
How cats purr 10:28
The truth about cat people 11:00
What percentage of kittens are adopted 11:32

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– Cats have been domesticated for about 4,000 years! Before that, they were one of the greatest hunters feared by numerous species.
– A group of kittens is often called a kindle; a group of adult cats is called a clowder. A female cat is referred to as a queen, and a male cat is known as a tom.
– Cats only meow at humans. With other animals, they hiss, spit, and purr — but never meow. They also tend to greet each other by touching noses.
– The problem of acne is pretty common among cats. They usually end up developing blackheads on their chins, which is widely known as feline acne.
– Most cats tend to spend about two-thirds of their day sleeping. So the average 9-year-old cat has been fully awake for only 3 years of its life! Cats also spend about one-third of their waking hours cleaning themselves up.
– One of the reasons why cats clean themselves so often is to lick your scent off! When your cat rubs against you from nose to tail, it wants to mark you as its own.
– Cats have rather sensitive stomachs, so you should be very careful about your furry friend’s menu. Never give your cat onion, garlic, green tomatoes, chocolate, grapes, or raisins.
– Your cat always understands when you say its name…it just chooses to ignore you! Specialists believe this happens because, historically, cats haven’t been domesticated to listen to people’s orders — unlike dogs.
– A cat’s whiskers aren’t there to make them extra cute! They’re covered in numerous nerve cells and blood vessels.
– Cats have a special reflective layer in their eyes called the tapetum lucidum. This layer easily magnifies incoming light and allows cats to see around 6 times better than we do in the dark and low light.
– A cat’s heart beats way faster than ours with about 110 to 140 beats every single minute.
– A cat’s cerebral cortex contains 300 million neurons. Just for comparison, dogs have only around 160 million.
– It’s a natural instinct for a kitten to cover its poop. If your cat doesn’t do that, this is its way of showing you who’s the true head of the house.
– Back in 2007, a calico cat named Tama became a station master and greeted passengers at Kishi Station.
– Cats can easily jump about 6 times their own length! This is all thanks to the powerful muscles in their back legs, which allow them to jump onto any surface they like.
– Biologically, a cat’s brain is kinda similar to ours. We have almost identical brain regions that take care of our emotions, so there’s a chance that you and your furry friend feel the same way sometimes.
– In the cat world, the concept of left- or right-handedness is a thing too! Most cats are actually left-pawed!

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Shy & Scared stray kitten visits us in the mountains every day (UPDATE VIDEO)

UPDATE: We often help animals and people in need. See our other videos to be inspired:

Some of you have asked us to start a Patreon account. I’ve never felt right in asking for help or even receiving it – I’ve always preferred offering it. However, to those who do wish to help us in kind, I have created a Patreon account here for those who have asked.

How Not To Die book (many have asked about it). 🙂 Here it is:

Shortly after moving into our place here in the mountains, this cute little kitten started hanging around our front door every day. She’s clearly a wild cat (very scared of people) but, despite her hesitation she enjoys being around us (or the good food we leave for her every day).

She stopped coming by for about one week. We were worried about her, but… suddenly, she started re-appearing again, and this time… she brought some friends with her.

The orange/beige cat in the end, who also started to show up occasionally, has clearly been injured (we suspect, by another wild animal). Anytime this injured cat stops by, we give her the best/most nutritious food we buy- especially for her/him, to help the healing process.

Thank you for everyone’s interest in our humble adventures in nature, and our interest in helping people and animals, any time we’re fortunate enough to be given the chance.

PJ & Risa


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Cockatoo literally freaks out when owner comes home

Onni is a 2 year old baby umbrella cockatoo who absolutely adores his human family. He is the center of their lives and they his. Every day Onni patiently waits for his owner to come home from work. Somehow the little guy’s internal clock tells him when that will be and he paces the window sill waiting for that familiar car to pull into the driveway. And every night the adorable bird absolutely freaks out when it does!

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Cats vs other animals – Funny compilation

Funny cats vs other animals.

Cat vs dog, chicken, goat, rat, lizard.

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