“Oman’s Arabian Leopards are critically endangered, close to extinction”

“Oman’s Arabian Leopards are critically endangered, close to extinction”

The Environment Society of Oman (ESO) estimated population at 48 to 55 in Dhofar, Oman.

“There are only 200 wild panthers across the Arabian Peninsula,” ESO said.

Another animal unique to Oman that is now facing extinction is the Loggerhead turtle.

1 Ministerial Decision and four Royal Decrees protect the leopard from being captured and hunted.

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A Surprise visitor….. I was shocked what he did ! adventure riding in Oman Ep. 8

Episode 8 Day 4 of my Oman Adventure !!

I wake up to the most beautiful Sunrise at the edge of a cliff 200 meter off the ground on top of Jebel Shams. I start the day off by doing some yoga, and taking some great sunrise photos !

I get a surprise visitor as I’m about to pack up. He’s a local man from the village around the corner. He was so intrigued to see me by myself sleeping on the edge of the cliff and with this huge motorbike. The man insisted that he help me pack away all of my things and was so fascinated by it all. He didn’t ask for anything, or want anything in return for the help.
I collected all of my batteries that had been charging over night at the resort, had some coffee and dates with Said, and discussed my next route towards Maseriah island. I had to hurry down the mountain because my Omani hosts in Nizwa were waiting for me with homemade Omani breakfast !

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Mumbai Effect : Jingle Punks

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Refreshing Wadi Darbat

Refreshing Wadi Darbat

Carving its way from the highlands of Dhofar, Wadi Darbat is a haven for mountain spring lovers.
This wadi is one of the region’s main attractions and is especially popular during Khareef season.
With its verdant cover, natural springs and caves, it is indeed a refreshing hideaway.
An hour away from Salalah, it is well-suited for an exciting family outing.
Kids can enjoy the water within the safety of a cordoned-off shallow area on the banks of the wadi.
The Dhofar region of Oman has its own micro climate, which is about 10-15℃ lower than the rest of the country.

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5 Facts Sultan Qaboos bin Said

5 Facts about The Sultan Qaboos in Said Al Said Sultan of Oman. The facts are about his life without any political views. this videos and its content belong to the channel.
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«Oman ist so neutral wie die Schweiz»

Paul Gregorowitsch, CEO der Oman Air, erklart im Video-Interview, was Oman Air besser macht als die Konkurrenz und weshalb die Kunden nun wahlen konnen, ob sie morgens ab Genf oder abends ab Zurich nach Maskat fliegen wollen.
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Warnings from the Royal Oman Police at Gas rip-off

Warnings from the Royal Oman Police at Gas rip-off

There is anger amongst consumers that rogue delivery agents are charging four times the usual rate

Lone traders are becoming aggressive on the doorsteps intimidating customers into paying higher prices

The PACP have advised that although rates vary anything above 3.5OMR for a cylinder refill is incorrect

The ROP has asked consumers to save phone numbers and note down licence plates.

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