New pattern CAT. Arithmetic 11 questions. series.

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40 questions out of 100 in CAT paper are new pattern. In this series of weekly videos we are going to discuss one topic at a time. So that you can prepare each of these topics without disturbing your usual routine.

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Get IIM Call in 10 days. Quant Section. 10 topics 10 days plan.

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7 Riddles That Will Test Your Brain Power

These 7 puzzles will trick your brain. 😉 Take this fun test to check the sharpness and productivity of your brain. Try to answer these questions as quickly as possible and see the results! 👍

Our brain is a mysterious thing. We know more about stars than about the things inside our heads! But what we do know about the brain is that it gets less sharp and productive with age.
You have a maximum of 20 seconds for each task, but try to answer the questions as fast as possible.

What is the mistake two photos have in common? 0:45
How many holes does the T-shirt have? 1:53
How would you name this tree? 2:40
Can you solve this riddle one in 5 seconds? 3:21
Do you see a hidden baby? 4:26
Which line is longer? 5:12
Can you spot Mike Wazowski? 6:30

If it took you more than 20 seconds to answer each question, or you didn’t manage all the tasks, it means that you have the brain of a mature person. It ‘s hard for you to make your mind see beyond the obvious and you can’t handle change easily.
If took you less than 20 seconds, your brain is quite young, and you can approach tasks from different angles.
If you answered each question correctly in less than 5 seconds, your brain is very young and flexible! You can notice the tiniest details right away and adapt to new situations easily!

What is your result? Tell us in the comment section below!

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MBA CET. Target JBIMS. JB120 starting today!

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73 Questions with Blake Lively

We catch up with Blake Lively before she launched her company, Preserve, to bake cupcakes (sadly, not at the Blakery), ask some questions, and discover our next new obsession. Truffle pappardelle at Scalinatella? On our way.

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73 Questions with Blake Lively

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The 8 Most Common GMAT Idioms Mistakes

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In PrepScholar GMAT video “The 8 Most Common GMAT Idioms Mistakes”, Erika John from PrepScholar GMAT goes over the idioms that test takers most frequently mix up in GMAT Sentence Correction idioms problems.

With so many idioms GMAT test writers love to use, idioms on the Sentence Correction section are already challenging. But what is even more difficult is when test writers intentionally use similar idioms in answer choices in the hopes of confusing test takers. These GMAT idioms are often used interchangeably in real life, and may even have near identical definitions. They’re incredibly easy to confuse, which is what makes these GMAT Sentence Correction idioms so difficult.

While memorizing every single idiom out there is impossible, we’re in luck: GMAT test writers tend to use the same few tricks over and over. If we memorize which idioms GMAT test writers like to mix up the most, we’ll be prepared when a few of these GMAT idioms tricks show up on test day.

In this video, we walk through each of the 8 GMAT idioms mix-ups we’ve identified as being particularly common and particularly tricky. For each, we identify the differences between the mixed up idioms. We also look at an example or two of how these GMAT idioms should and should not be used.

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