My Morning Routine- Chronic Illness Edition

Hi Everyone. I hoped you enjoyed this super short video of my morning routine. Susie and I had lots of fun making it. Comment down below of any videos you might want to see 🙂

Baby monkey morning time | Max’s morning Routine

This is Max’s morning and it’s very basic to changing his diaper and feeding him to play time

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Quadriplegic Bowel Program and Morning Routine

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Published: 2018-05-24 00:51:36
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Expectations VS Reality | Chronic Illness

Hey guys, this week I decided to have a bit of fun and add some humour to my video. I hope you enjoy and that this is relatable! Thank you of watching, feel free to leave a comment and subscribe!

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Desafio Rotina da Banho – Showering Morning Routine

Desafio Rotina da Banho na manha – Showering Morning Routine
Channel: dh chnnl
Published: 2018-09-27 20:19:48
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Morning Routine: Boys vs Girls

People, brush your teeth.

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Outro Song – Kings by MJ:

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