Morning Level 1 Yoga and Movement Routine with cat named Meatloaf.

Morning yoga with cat named Meatloaf. He loves bugging me! Sped up version. You can see I was doing basic routine, one thing I did was lie down on my forearms turned toward my body, it’s a good fix to tennis elbow and ping pong overuse injuries. Really good for cell phone overuse. I did this in my sleeping clothes and pre-morning hike.

Where is Chicky 2019? Chicky Ball | Chicken Funny Cartoon For Children 2019

Where is Chicky 2019? Chicky Ball | Chicky Funny Cartoon For Children 2019
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Nobody knows where Chicky is exactly. We just know he is cute and deeply naive. Its life is full of difficulties, always finding itself in the wrong place at the wrong time, which unfortunately don’t always end well! Fortunately, Chicky is immortal and after every real blow, he is back again for another adventure!
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Puppy dog lunge yoga stretch for hikers/backpackers/runners/walkers

Best hiking yoga stretch – puppy dog lunge. This helps your back if you’re carrying weight, like a 35lb. pack or less hopefully or just lunch. Push pull with the arms. Stretches glutes, hamstrings, calves, feet, toes, whole spine, low back, shoulders, scapulas, traps, arms, lats. Doesn’t take long. May get you an extra 2-4 miles on a tough hot day.
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Published: 2019-01-09 21:20:43
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