Moo Cat’s Feline Finishing School-Razor Claws (Gale Hurricane Leaves)

It sure doesn’t look like we clipped Gale’s claws this week! When she heard the words “Spay” and “Vet”, she decided “getting on with my life” might be overrated. Actually she did very well on the car trip, during the surgery, and recovered completely in 2 days. She’s now growing her belly fur back and waiting for the perfect adopter to come along and succumb to her charms at Greenville County Animal Care.

Moo Cat’s Feline Finishing School

11/10/18: Visited Gale at Animal Care. She’s doing well; incision looks good. Brought toy mouse for her, which she played with. In response to Tempest’s whiney message, “Mom, come home, I need a bath,” she replied “You’re big enough to wash yourself now, Son, get lickin’.”
11/09/18: Gale had her spay surgery this morning. We visited her 2-room suite this afternoon, and she’s doing fine with her shaved and glued belly. She’d turned over her water dish, so we cleaned that up and gave her dry bedding. She’ll remain at Animal Care until she’s adopted, which we hope will be 11/10 or 11/13 (closed 11/11 and 11/12). Tempest was seen at the vet’s this afternoon. He has an eye infection which will be treated with Doxycycline antibiotic and Tobramycin eye drops for 10 days. His neuter has been rescheduled for 11/20.
11/05/18: Tempest was seen at the vet’s today. He doesn’t have a respiratory infection. He is now eating A/D food which has stimulated his appetite and he’s back to gaining weight. His neuter has been rescheduled to 11/16. We’ll have to keep Gale’s spay appointment 11/9. We and Tempest will have to say goodbye to Mama Gale then, but Tempest will remain on-cam until 11/16. Gale will be adoptable when she recovers from surgery. We’ll visit her regularly and will update.
11/04/18: Tempest has been off his food this weekend and has lost weight, vomited, and has a runny nose. This is not critical enough for Animal Care to authorize a visit to the Emergency Vet Clinic, so we’ll take him in to the shelter’s vet on Mon (tomorrow).
10/09/18: We learned today at a vet visit that Tempest is at least 6 weeks old, just a very small kitten (probably premature). His neuter has been scheduled for 11/09 when he will be 10 weeks old and hopefully weigh at least 2 pounds.
10/04/18: Gale & Tempest, the Hurricane Fosters, arrived at Moo Cat’s today. Gale, the young mother, is a sleek panther, probably less than 1 year old. Tempest, the kitten, is a long-haired brown tabby, born about 8/28/18. Tempest seems to have inherited some Maine Coon traits from his father. There were other kittens in this litter, who were all big enough to be speutered and adopted before today. Tempest was less than ½ the size of his siblings and had an eye infection, which we’ll continue to treat while he’s in foster care. They are refugees from Hurricane Florence’s damage in Brunswick County, NC, who were evacuated to the Greenville County (SC) Animal Care facility 09/13/18.

Moo Cat’s Feline Finishing School is a kitten foster home, named in honor of Professor Moo Cat, our first foster, and dean of Cat Things. We have your next well-socialized cat in training right now.

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