Meet the world’s pinkest person, Kitten Kay Sera

Kitten Kay Sera is the ‘pinkest person in the world’ and has spent $1.5 million on all things pink. She’s here to show you her glorious pink life. 💕

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10 Cringeworthy Celeb Makeup DISASTERS

10 Famous people who should have looked in the mirror before leaving the house.

It can seem like celebrities always have flawless makeup on, but that is definitely not the case. These stars experience their fair share of fails as well, and sometimes it even happens on the red carpet. We’ll show you some of the most embarrassing makeup disasters to ever happen to the rich and famous. There’s the time that Demi Lovato tried out a new technique to get her eyebrows to grow and it worked a little bit too well. Victoria Beckham decided to bring back the frosted lips and eyes trend, but failed in a rather spectacular fashion. Guys can wear makeup too, but as Bradley Cooper proved, sometimes they just need a little bit of help. Kendall Jenner is a beautiful woman, but we have to admit that we just think people look better when they have visible eyebrows. Have you ever had your very own embarrassing makeup disaster? If so, tell us about it in the comment section and then click “subscribe” to get the latest videos from TheTalko.

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Pregnancy PRANK on Boyfriend GOES HORRIBLY WRONG!

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15 Of The Richest Women in The World!

Filthy rich women! These are some of the world’s wealthiest female billionaires who are some of the richest people ever
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10 Dark Secrets From Say Yes To The Dress TLC Doesn’t Want You To Know

Behind the scenes secrets from Say Yes To The Dress.

For some of us, even those who aren’t engaged, we can’t get enough of seeing brides try on gorgeous gowns on Say Yes To The Dress. But there is a dark side to this lighthearted show, and we are going to let you in on some of the shocking secrets from past brides who have been there. If you’re thinking of visiting Kleinfeld’s on your own, good luck. The shop is extremely different than it appears on the show, and many brides report leaving there quite distressed. Even brides who appear on the show don’t always go on to have a fairytale wedding. Many have brought lawsuits against the show for failing to deliver on their promises. And you might be surprised how many times the weddings just don’t happen, for a variety of reasons not limited to one groom committing major financial fraud. When you’re done watching, be sure to leave us a comment letting us know what you think, and subscribe for more from TheTalko.

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Strange Facts About Ellen And Portia’s Marriage

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Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are one of Hollywood’s most iconic and lovable power couples. After dating for four years, the cute pair married in 2008, and they’ve been going strong ever since. But there are quirky aspects to any marriage or long-term relationship, and these two are no exception. Here are some surprising details about their partnership…

Big stars, small wedding | 0:24
Bringing her work home | 1:12
Gift-free holidays | 2:05
Designing women | 2:42
Just the two of them | 3:39

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