Mastiff Pitbull Mix – Most Dangerous & Aggressive Dog

9 Things You Didn’t Know About Mastiff Pitbull Mix

The Pitbull Mastiff mix is a very large sized cross-breed between two parents, the Pitbull and Mastiff dogs, that was first bred a very long time ago in order to be protection canines. However, it must be noted here that not all BullMastiff Pitbull mix dogs are alike, as it greatly depends on what kind of Pitbull and Mastiff are being mixed together. For those of you who don’t know, there are many types of Pitbulls just as there are many types of Mastiffs, which is very apparent if you run a simple search about the subject online. With that being said, this article will be talking about the most common characteristics that are found in Pitbull Mastiff mix dogs, no matter which type of Pitbull or Mastiff parent they come from.

1 – Appearance
2 – Temperament
3 – Aggression
4 – Activity Levels
5 – Socialization
6 – Guard Dogs
7 – Training
8 – Living Conditions
9 – Care

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There are many breeds of dogs in the world that are perfect for families and children and can be around other family pets.

However, early history shows that there are some dogs that were bred for only one purpose whether it be protecting livestock or trained as a fighting animal.

These canines have built in instincts from careful breeding and unfortunately don’t make good family pets and aren’t safe to have around other animals.

These special breeds need experienced trainers, and it takes a special owner to handle them.

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Funny Animals Scaring People! Hilarious! Funniest Animals Video 2018

Funny Animals Scaring People! Hilarious! Funniest Animals Video 2018. Funniest reaction videos of People and people getting scared by the most hilarious pets and animals. Animals chasing people!

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Heavy Equipment vs Animals | Excavator vs Snake vs Crocodrile vs Elephant

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Giant Pit Bull Hulk & The Newborn Baby | DOG DYNASTY

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THE owners of the world’s biggest pitbull are so trusting that they allow the twelve-stone dog to babysit their newborn son. Marlon and Lisa Grennan will even let world-famous Hulk lick and watch over their tiny boy, Jackson. But it’s not the first time the couple have done this, as their eldest son, Jordan, grew up with Hulk and other American pitbull terriers on their property in New Hampshire, USA. Marlon’s company Dark Dynasty K9s specialise in training elite protection dogs for the police, celebrities and billionaire clients around the world. They hit fame in 2015 when videos featuring Hulk and their other dogs went viral – clocking up more than 100 million views on YouTube alone.

Videographer / director: Ruaridh Connellan
Producer: John Balson, Nick Johnson
Editor: Joshua Douglas

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Guy Who Put A GoPro On His Dog Is Chilled To The Bone When He Looks At The Footage

Guy Who Put A GoPro On His Dog Is Chilled To The Bone When He Looks At The Footage

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Many dog lovers think it’s a shame that our furry friends are cooped up indoors all day, only to be confined to a leash when we take them for walks. Don’t they ever have opportunities to do as they please?

Most people like the idea of having a pup who is well-trained enough to be “off leash” at the right opportunities, but even if the dog is trained, things can still go wrong. This is what Tommy Berglund discovered when he strapped a GoPro to his dog, Klara.

What started off as a calm morning in the woods quickly went south when the dog stumbled upon some serious trouble—and filmed it all from her own perspective…

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