Making a Pond for some Endangered Mud Turtles

Since it may have been a little hard to follow I am going to further explain how he got these turtles.
Where he lives, Bull Frogs are an incredibly invasive and destructive animal. Because of this, the Game and Fish Department drains and drys out ponds with Bull Frog populations. Unfortunately, a pond close to his house was also inhabited by Sonoran Mud turtles. Over the course of 5-7 months he found roughly 20 of these turtles wandering around looking for water. His plan is to keep these turtles until the pond is filled back up and release some of them. The others he is going to try and find a mate for to captivity produce these amazing turtles.

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140 Gallon Stock Tank Turtle Enclosure

In this video we set up a 140 gallon stock tank to house Dylan’s turtles.

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1,200,000 Litre Backyard Pool
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Location: Alberta, Canada

Features: Jerry and Marina and their amazing on-farm summer resort. The focal point of the resort is their 90 by 70 foot and 14 foot deep pond. The huge pond which also have a shallow end for kids has a 30 Mil poly liner in it. Jerry keeps the water clean by adding chlorine and the water is constantly rotated with a pumping system.

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FUNNIEST TURTLES – Cute And Funny Turtle / Tortoise Videos Compilation [BEST OF 🐢]

🐢 Funny videos of funny turtles and cute turtle videos in this tortoise videos compilation. Turtles and baby turtles are awesome! 🐢🐢🐢
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Building a Creek in my Box Turtle Pen!

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making a mini fish pond for under $50 using a shower curtain

Please keep in mind the mini pond is not finished it’s going to look way better soon I just finished it off with the budget of $50 song:
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