Learn Zoo Wild Animals Names with Blue Pool | Learn Colors Educational Video Toys For Kids

Learn Zoo Wild Animals Names with Blue Pool | Learn Colors Educational Video Toys For Kids

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Transform Spiderman and Marvel Superhero Toys to Learn Sizes and Colors for Toddlers

Learn Colors, Sizes, and the names of Marvel Superheroes (Spiderman, Hulk, Captain America, and Iron Man) by transforming mini toys into larger figures using spinners! We use a red, green, blue, and yellow fidget spinner to transform mini figures into Playskool toys. Toddlers can hear and see the name of the colors and the names of heroes to practice reading and sight word recognition. We then pretend these toys eat gumball candy that matches the fidget spinner, and they transform again to action figures. Finally, the action figures grow into giant superhero toys, then shrink down. Finally, we use the words “Smallest”, “Small”, “Big”, and “Biggest” for each hero toy transformation, to help toddlers learn about sizes.

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Learn Colors With Wild Animals Blue Water Shark Toys For Kids

Learn Colors With Wild Animals Blue Water Shark Toys For Kids

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Vlad and Nikita build Playhouses for children

Vlad and Nikita Pretend Play with Playhouse for kids
Nikita has his own children play house. Vlad liked the Playhouse, but Nikita does not want to play together. Vlad and mama are building a new playhouse for kid.

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Learn the colors through recycling and cleaning the beach at SuperZoo! Educational videos for kids

Educational tip: Recycle to keep clean the ocean and the beaches. Help the planet! If we work together It’ll be easier!

Rakun, Monkey, Groovy the Martian and Ryder are enjoying and playing at the beach when Ryder trip over a bottle and he realizes that there are a lot of bottles over the beach. It’s all dirty!

Learn the colors while helping your magic friends to clean the ocean and the beach. Recycling is so fun! They are like superhero babies!

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Doctor Drill N Fill Playset & Learning Colors Activity Using Play-Doh!

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